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Beskids - Moravian Wallachia - Chateaux and castles


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Chateaux and castles Chateaux and castles.

  • basket Frýdek - museum and chateau
    Frýdek - museum and chateau. Defensive border Gothic castle, which was rebuilt into a chateau (of Bartoloměj Bruntálský of Vrbna) in the Renaissance style in the 16th century. Following a fire in 1668, it was reconstructed several times. It belonged to the Habsburg estate from 1797, and now the state.
    Telephone: 558628001
    Address: Hluboká 66, Frýdek-Místek
  • basket Lešná - museum and chateau
    Lešná - museum and chateau. Fortress which was reconstructed into a late Renaissance chateau at the beginning of the 17th century. The last owner of the chateau in 1887-1945 was Kinšt.
    Telephone: 734420009
    Address: č.p. 1, Lešná
  • basket Starý Jičín - castle ruins
    Starý Jičín - castle ruins. The old castle from the beginning of the 13th century was later rebuilt into a Renaissance residence. When the owners built a new castle nearby the old place was abandoned and in the 19th century it became a ruin. The castle is currently being reconstructed.
    Telephone: 602320577
    Address: Starý Jičín
  • basket Štramberská Trúba - castle
    Štramberská Trúba - castle. In the 13th century, the castle was the property of the esoteric order of the Knights Templar. After the Order was terminated, the castle was held by Czech King Jan Lucembursky. Only parts of the walls and mainly the circular Trúba tower are all that have been preserved of the Gothic castle. The view from the tower is enhanced by the coloured glass...
    Telephone: 731134125
    Address: Kopec 77, Štramberk
  • basket Bílá - hunting chateau
    Bílá - hunting chateau. The region was a popular place for relaxation and great hunting grounds, which was the reason for building a small stylish hunting lodge here, which served for the needs of the archbishop.
    Address: Bílá
  • basket Liptál - chateau
    Liptál - chateau. Empire chateau built at the end of the 17th century by the Lindenbergs or Sedlničtí of Choltice.
    Address: č.p. 1, Liptál
  • basket Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí - chateau
    Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí - chateau. Three-storey Renaissance chateau with a sqaure-shaped layout. Jaroš Syrakovský reconstructed the former fortress in the 16th century. Around 1690 and 1704, it was hit by a fire. In 1953 it underwent reconstruction and primarily the graphite ornamentation was restored.
    Telephone: 558669201
    Address: Zámecká 1, Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí
  • basket Valašské Meziříčí - museum and Kinsky chateau
    Valašské Meziříčí - museum and Kinsky chateau. Imperial chateau built on the site of the former administrative building (1854). An extensive park stretches around the chateau, with rare woody plants established at the turn of the 19th century.
    Telephone: 734236279
    Address: Zámecká 3, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Vsetín - museum and chateau
    Vsetín - museum and chateau. Originally a Gothic stronghold was at the beginning of the 17th century rebuilt into a four-wing Renaissance castle with a 59 m tall tower. The castle was rebuilt in Classicist style in 1833 – 34. After a fire in 1915 it was adapted in pseudo-Renaissance style for the family Thonet.
    Telephone: 571411690
    Address: Horní nám. 2, Vsetín
  • basket Žerotín Chateau - chateau and museum
    Žerotín Chateau - chateau and museum. The Žerotín castle was built from a fortified burgher house from the 14th century enlarged to a castle. From the 16th century the castle was used only as outbuildings. Today it houses a museum.
    Telephone: 556701156, 556705393
    Address: 28. října 12, Nový Jičín
  • basket Žerotín Chateau
    Žerotín Chateau. Chateau from the 16th century built by Jan of Pernštejn. Later on it was sold to the Žerotíns and it underwent Baroque reconstruction in the 18th century. In 1854, a female prison was established here, also the Catholic Society Home resided here. In 1995 - 1996, total reconstruction took place, and since 2002 the chateau courtyard has been accessible...
    Telephone: 571684558
    Address: Komenského 1/3, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Branky - chateau
    The chateau was built at the beginning of the 18th century during the rule of the Lockner's of Lockenau. In the 1890s, it was reconstructed in a historicising style. However, the single-storey Baroque layout remained basically the same. There is a park adjacent to the chateau with certain noteworthy woody specise. The chateau is a part of the children...
    Address: č.p. 1, Branky
  • basket Choryně - chateau
    The former medieval fortress was reconstructed by Chorynsky of Ledska in the 1570s into a Renaissance chateau with three wings, which maintained its character of a fortification until the beginning of the 19th century (it was surrounded by a water moat).
    Address: Choryně
  • basket Hartisov - former hunting chateau
    Former hunting chateau of the Habsburg archdukes, owners of the Frydec estate. The chateau, which looks more like a luxurious mountain chalet, gradually turned into a lodge and now the building is in private ownnership.
    Address: Staré Hamry
  • basket Hovězí - chateau
    Markéta Františka of Schmiedau, nee Serényiová commissioned the construction of the oruginal Baroque building. In 1718, it was acquired by the Illesházyov family. Later on it was used as offices and flats.
    Address: Hovězí
  • basket Kelč - chateau
    Originally a fortress once stood in Kelč, which the brothers Jan and Beneš of Heršice had built in around the 2nd half of the 15th century, after their castle Šaumburk had been destroyed. Towards the end of the 16th century, during the rule of Bishop Stanislav Pavlovsky, the fortress was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau,which it still remains today...
    Address: Kelč
  • basket Loučka - chateau
    Michal Paris Kaltschmied of Eisenverg had the Baroque chateau built in the 1660s. After 1769, Count Leopold of Lamberk reconstructed the chateau and also had a chateau chapel built. Empirical renovations at beginning of the 19th century imprinted the chateau's look as we know it today. Unfortunately, the chateau is abandoned and run-down.
    Address: Loučka
  • basket Paskov - chateau
    Four-winged, storeyed chateau built by Václav of Vrbna, evidently on the site of a former fortress. It is seperated from the village by a castle front area with a high entrance tower in the middle with a clock. It is surrounded by a park with valuable statues.
    Address: Paskov
  • basket Raškovice - former chateau
    The former chateau of Count Pražma, which was a sort of centre of the former manor - folvark - is now one of the buildings of the Raškovicky Basic School. This chateau, built apparently at the turn of the 18th century, was in the ownership of the Habsburgs, who owned the entire extensive Frýdec estate, until 1948,
    Address: Raškovice
  • basket Trubiska - Hunting chateau
    Wooden chateau built in the 2nd half of the 19th century by the Stillfrieds.
    Address: Pozděchov
  • basket Hošťálková - chateau
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    Empire chateau built by Count Frydrych Chorynský of Ledské. The chateau includes a 19th century park.
    Telephone: 739050418
    Address: č.p. 286, Hošťálková
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