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Beskids - Moravian Wallachia - Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Valašské Meziříčí Observatory
    Valašské Meziříčí Observatory. Put into public service in 1955, the observatory pursuing extensive popularizing activities and observations of the Sun was designated "The Royal Observatory of The Walachian Kingdom" in 2002.
    Telephone: 571611928
    Address: Vsetínská 78, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Staříč - training adit
    Staříč - training adit. Underground "artificial mine" - a demonstration of a gallery, where normal mining workplaces in technological relation just like in a real mine are found along a 150 m long mine corridor.
    Telephone: 558493381
    Address: Staříč
  • basket At the mill grounds
    At the mill grounds. The mill is well known to public, cyclists, tourists and local inhabitants as a centre of knowledge, excellent cuisine and entertainment. The main building has a ground plan in the shape of the letter “L”. Both parts of the building are storeyed. In the shorter, timbered one you can find a picturesque public house, a small museum of milling artifacts...
    Telephone: 558640789, 732825030
    Address: č.p.130, Kozlovice
  • basket Bystřička - reservoir dam
    Bystřička - reservoir dam. The reservoir solid dam is lined with stone blocks on both sides and is 190 m long in the crest, 2.9 m wide and 36.5 m high.
    Address: Bystřička
  • basket Hrachovec - highway bridge
    Hrachovec - highway bridge. In place of the original wooden bridge there is a 40 m long suspension bridge held by 22 bridge cables on two 10 m high sloping pylons.
    Address: Valašské Meziříčí, Hrachovec
  • basket Vsetín Observatory
    Vsetín Observatory. Local observatory was put into service in 1950. It prepares regular public astronomical observations and scientific lectures.
    Telephone: 737211819
    Address: Jabloňová 231, Vsetín
  • basket Morávka - reservoir dam
    Morávka - reservoir dam. The purpose of the water work is to not only improve the flow below the dam, but to also decrease the flood water flow and consistent use of the energy created from the flow released below the dam, especially in drinking water supply.
    Telephone: 596657111
    Address: Morávka
  • basket Nový Jičín, Libhošť - windmill
    Nový Jičín, Libhošť - windmill. A Dutch type windmill. It was in operation until 1875, and in 1900 the owners reconstructed it for residential purposes. The cylindrical structure with a perimeter cornice has a smooth white facade, and there are rectangular windows on the ground floor.
    Address: Libhošť
  • basket Šance - reservoir dam
    Šance - reservoir dam. The valley reservoir was later extended by the objective to supply the Ostravan industry and inhabitants with drinking water built in 1964 to 1964, based on original intentions to protect it from floods.
    Telephone: 596657111
    Address: Ostravice
  • basket Žermanice - water reservoir
    Žermanice - water reservoir. Concrete 37.9 m high gravity dam was built in 1951 - 1957 on the river Lučina for water resources and recreational purposes.
    Address: Žermanice
  • basket Brušperk - windmill
    Preserved body of a Dutch style windmill from the 19th century. Now it has no blades and wheel. The original stucco has been reconstructed.
    Address: Brušperk
  • basket Dolní Sklenov - windmill
    Originally a wooden Dutch style mill, later wall lined with brick and equipped with rails for rotating the wings. Around 1900, the blades were removed from the mill.
    Address: Hukvaldy, Dolní Sklenov
  • basket Hodslavice - former windmill
    Dutch type windmill. The blades powering the grinding equipment have not been preserved.
    Address: Hodslavice
  • basket Hukvaldy - water mill
    The mill was reconstructed in 1936 by miller Josef Ondříček and has been preserved in good condition.
    Telephone: 732669433
    Address: č.p. 35, Hukvaldy, Dolní Sklenov
  • basket Šmajstrla buckwheat mill
    Buckwheat has been hulled in the mill since 1861 using a mechanical technique, whereby the vitamins are not destroyed.
    Telephone: 731822093, 605418575
    Address: Kopaná 806, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Střelná - railway tunnel
    Railway tunnel which was a part of the construction of the Horní Lideč – Púchov railway track.
    Address: Střelná
  • basket Water mill
    Former water mill with timber.
    Telephone: 571621602
    Address: č.p. 194, Mikulůvka
  • basket (Bývalá Arcibiskupská pila)
    Address: Ostravice
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