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Climbing equipment rentals


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Climbing equipment rentals Climbing equipment rentals.

  • basket (Chata Eduard)
    (Chata Eduard). Russian skittles, sporting goods and equipment rental, outdoor swimming pool for the public, indoor whirlpool for hotel guests only
    Telephone: 602447557
    Address: Bělá 44, Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket Campanula
    Campanula. sporting goods and equipment rental
    Telephone: 733610333, 596134771
    Address: Nádražní 884/116, Ostrava
  • basket KMsport
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    paintball fields, sporting goods and equipment rental, independent coarse fishing ground - pond, mushing - dog sled rides
    Telephone: 604608489
    Address: Loučná nad Desnou

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Tarja: Christmas Together

12/18/2021 20:00

Multifunctional hall Gong, Lower Vítkovice (Ostrava, Vítkovice)

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