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Jeseníky - Church monuments


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Church monuments Church monuments.

  • basket (Anenský vrch s kostelem sv. Anny) - pilgrimage site
    (Anenský vrch s kostelem sv. Anny) - pilgrimage site. A popular place for a long time now for Sunday meetings, particularly the youth from the parish and its surroundings. Due to the increasing number of pilgrims, a large, honourable church from stone was built in 1770. In 1970, pilgrimages were forbidden and the place began to deteriorate. The pilgrimages have been renewed since 2002.
    Telephone: 554273110
    Address: Andělská Hora
  • basket Church of Our Lady Auxiliary
    Church of Our Lady Auxiliary. The church replaced the original chapel. In 1955, it was forbidden by state administration to access the pilgrimage site due to mining. This decision launched the devastation of the entire pilgrimage complex. In 1968, repairs began on the church, but in November 1973 it was blasted. In 1990, an initiative was established to renew the pilgrimage site...
    Telephone: 584425916
    Address: č.p. 170, Zlaté Hory

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