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Jeseníky - Hotels and motels


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Hotels and motels Hotels and motels.

  • basket Sporthotel Kurzovní
    Sporthotel Kurzovní. hotel *** Member of the Moravian-Silesian KLACR travel and tourism group
    Telephone: 603 444 190
    Address: Rejhotice 149, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Kolštejn Wellness Hotel
    Kolštejn Wellness Hotel. hotel ***
    Telephone: 583286421, 602651027
    Address: Branná 60, Branná
  • basket Bezruč
    Bezruč. hotel
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova ul., Jeseník
  • basket Old Mill Hotel
    Old Mill Hotel. hotel
    Telephone: 778424545
    Address: K Vodě 15, Jeseník - Dětřichov
  • basket Regenhart Villa
    Regenhart Villa. hotel
    Telephone: 588886640
    Address: Josefa Hory 673, Jeseník
  • basket (Apartmány Divoký Anděl)
    (Apartmány Divoký Anděl). garni hotel
    Telephone: 608827550
    Address: Dolní Moravice č. ev. 32
  • basket (Horský hotel Vidly)
    (Horský hotel Vidly).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 222111900
    Address: Vrbno pod Pradědem-Vidly 78, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Skiland resort
    Skiland resort.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Hotel Skiland provides ideal surroundings for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling and tourism. It is and ideal starting point for hikes at the ridges of Hrubý Jeseník with Praděd on one side and Kralický Sněžník and Rychlebské Mountains on the other side. We offer catering and accommodation in double rooms, family rooms and apartments with...
    Telephone: 739407977
    Address: Ostružná 66 E, Ostružná
  • basket Hotel Chateau Goldenstein
    Hotel Chateau Goldenstein. hotel
    Telephone: 732177826, 736613568
    Address: č.p. 1, Branná
  • basket (Dětská léčebna Wolker)
    (Dětská léčebna Wolker). hotel
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova ul., Jeseník
  • basket Hotel Dlouhé Stráně
    Hotel Dlouhé Stráně. hotel
    Telephone: 587570111
    Address: Rejhotice 72, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Priessnitz
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Hotel offeres apart­ments double bed and single bed rooms and are equipped with the shower or bathroom and toilette, TV-SAT, telephone and balcony. There is a minibar in some of the rooms. We also offer a possibility of organising congresses with about 500 seats and complete technical equipment.
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova 45, Jeseník
  • basket David’s Mill
    David’s Mill. hotel *** superior
    Telephone: 552308389
    Address: Staré Těchanovice 46
  • basket Holzberg
    Holzberg. hotel
    Hotel Holzberg is located in a thermal spa region of Karlova Studánka in the village Suchá Rudná near the biggest mountain of Jeseníky called Praděd. Romantic and unspoilt countryside with fresh air and transparent creeks is perfect for family holidays, romantic stays, group trips, sport adventures or company and social events. Inside the hotel you...
    Telephone: 554230108, 722175749
    Address: Suchá Rudná 42, Světlá Hora
  • basket Sněženka Mountain Hotel
    Sněženka Mountain Hotel.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    cottage settlement, hotel
    Telephone: 583239008, 608555276
    Address: Hynčice pod Sušinou 15, Staré Město
  • basket Hotel Dolte
    Hotel Dolte. hotel ***
    Telephone: 775 555 880
    Address: Sobotín 27, Sobotín
  • basket Hotel Helios
    Hotel Helios.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Hotel Helios se nachází v obci Lipová-lázně jen 5 km vzdálené od Lázeňského města Jeseník. Nabízí výberné podmínky pro skloubení sportovní a wellness rekreace. Hotel Helios: v budově hotelu naleznete většinu ubytovacích kapacit a restauračních zařízení. Pro relaxaci můžete využít suterénu budovy, kde jsou zařízené prostory fitness centra, masážního...
    Telephone: 775775942, 775 775 947
    Address: Lipová-lázně 25
  • basket Hotel Kamzík
    Hotel Kamzík. hotel
    Telephone: 554721170
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 182, Malá Morávka
  • basket Hotel Koruna
    Hotel Koruna. hotel
    Telephone: 584411691
    Address: 141/2, Jeseník
  • basket Hotel Ovčárna
    Hotel Ovčárna. hotel
    Military facility Ovčárna offers comfortable accommodation in a lovely atmosphere of Jeseníky. At the altitude of 1 300 metres, by the intersection of running and hiking trails, it is particularly suitable for enjoying winter sports and hiking. The hotel is ideal for spending family vacation but also for various rehabilitation trips, meetings and social...
    Telephone: 554779007, 973483402, 973483411
    Address: Malá Morávka 263
  • basket Hotel Praděd
    Hotel Praděd. hotel
    Your stay in hotel Praded you during the opportunity to build an individual program according to your wishes. Mediation: horse riding, four-lane bowling in the modern game room, spa bath in a rehabilitation center, indoor pool reservation, cross-country ski trails and ski lift. * Marked hiking and biking trails (eg, Stone Hill, Peter Stone, the Rešovským...
    Telephone: 554 772 333, 602581591
    Address: nám. Svobody 12, Rýmařov
  • basket Hotel Praděd Thamm
    Hotel Praděd Thamm.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 584453724, 730155166
    Address: Krnovská 197, Zlaté Hory
  • basket Spa house Mír
    Spa house Mír. hotel
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova 31, Jeseník
  • basket (Vojenská lázeňská léčebna Albatros)
    (Vojenská lázeňská léčebna Albatros). hotel
    Military spa treatment facility resort is located in the attractive mountain area Jeseníky, at the altitude of 620 m. The buildings of the resort are situated on the southern slope of the hill and offers a breathtaking view of the whole ridge of Hrubý Jeseník and of Jeseník city. The picturesque center of Jeseník spa town, other spa houses, spa park...
    Telephone: 973414111, 973414105
    Address: Myslbekova 271, Jeseník
  • basket (Chata Eduard)
    (Chata Eduard). hotel
    Hotel Eduard offers accommodation of European standard with total capacity of 100 beds, which is divided into double to six-bedded elegantly styled rooms in two categories. Category A rooms have own sanitary facilities, category B rooms have common sanitary facilities. Room equipment, including toilets and showers, corresponds with a three-star hotel...
    Telephone: 602447557
    Address: Bělá 44, Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket (Dětská léčebna Karolina)
    (Dětská léčebna Karolina). hotel
    Telephone: 584491111, 584411304
    Address: Kalvodova 96, Jeseník
  • basket Brans Mountain Hotel
    Brans Mountain Hotel. hotel
    Telephone: 734697511
    Address: Malá Morávka 215
  • basket Hotel Andromeda
    Hotel Andromeda.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 728571971, 583 230 063
    Address: Ramzová 36, Ostružná
  • basket (Hotel Na Trojce)
    (Hotel Na Trojce).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Our Na Trojce Hotel is hidden from the bustle of civilization at the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains. This means that we get plenty of snow in winter, and clear sunshine in summer. Even in these parts, however, we offer excellent meals and comfortable accommodation for reasonable prices, and combined with the beautiful landscape, this is the...
    Telephone: 739370613
    Address: Pusté Žibřidovice 3, Jindřichov
  • basket (Hotel Pod Jedlovým vrchem)
    (Hotel Pod Jedlovým vrchem).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 776 00 10 00
    Address: Kociánov 4, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Jan Ripper
    Jan Ripper. hotel
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova ul., Jeseník
  • basket Wellness Hotel Sauna
    Wellness Hotel Sauna. hotel
    Telephone: 720 100 328
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 24, Malá Morávka
  • basket Libuše
    Libuše. hotel
    With dining rooms, inhalatorium, balneology, electrotherapy, permanent medical attendance, front desk providing phone connection with all the buildings. Clubrooms and premises for social activities and cultural events equipped with a coffee lounge. Accommodation of the 1st category for 108 persons.
    Telephone: 554 798 111
    Address: Karlova Studánka č.p.1, Karlova Studánka
  • basket Hotel Červenohorské sedlo
    Hotel Červenohorské sedlo. hotel ***
    The capacity of our hotel is 178 beds in double rooms with extra bed upon request. Apart from accommodation, we can provide you with other services such as swimming pool, massages, gym and table tennis, fitness and mountain-bike rental. Our restaurant can easily accommodate up to 200 guests, you can also relax in our cocktail lounge during the day or...
    Telephone: 724 363 234
    Address: Červenohorské sedlo, Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket (Centrum Stone)
    (Centrum Stone).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 777 726 021
    Address: Sadová 123, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket (Chata Zátiší)
    (Chata Zátiší). hotel
    Telephone: 602279586
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 34, Malá Morávka
  • basket Hotel Toč
    Hotel Toč. hotel
    Telephone: 733 539 377
    Address: Lipová - lázně 762, Lipová - lázně
  • basket Nová Seninka
    Nová Seninka. hotel
    Telephone: 777 227435
    Address: Nová Seninka 105, Staré Město
  • basket Hotel Slovan
    Hotel Slovan.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 777779729
    Address: Masarykovo náměstí 23, Jeseník
  • basket Hotel Cvilín
    Hotel Cvilín. hotel
    Telephone: 554625255, 731218602, 777559018
    Address: Výletní 7, Krnov
  • basket Hotel Steiger
    Hotel Steiger. hotel
    Telephone: 603 272 505, 602 179 030
    Address: Svatého Ducha 68/5, Krnov
  • basket Hotel Václavov
    Hotel Václavov. hotel ***
    Telephone: 778202021, 775585105
    Address: Oskava 223
  • basket (Villa Grohmann)
    (Villa Grohmann). hotel
    Telephone: 777 457 111
    Address: Lipová-lázně 169
  • basket (Hotel Pod Sedlem)
    (Hotel Pod Sedlem). caravan lot, hotel, camp site
    Telephone: 777 626 452
    Address: Kouty nad Desnou č. 131, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket (Hotel Džbán)
    (Hotel Džbán).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    hotel ***
    Telephone: 554772014, 734 428 536
    Address: Karlova Studánka 12
  • basket Hotel Montenegro
    Hotel Montenegro. hotel
    Ubytování v hotelu Montenegro je zajištěno v jedno až třílůžkový pokojích nebo apartmánech pro 3 až 4 osoby. K dispozici je rovněž apartmán pro invalidy. Pokoje jsou rozděleny na kuřácké a nekuřácké. Kromě ubytování, hotel nabízí i relaxaci: infračervená kabina s CD a rádiem neboli sauna (vhodná i pro kardiaky a astmatiky), hydromasážní vana s rádiem...
    Telephone: 554230780, 554230752
    Address: Krnovská 1020/16, Bruntál
  • basket Hotel Bohema
    Hotel Bohema. hotel
    Telephone: 603 802 695
    Address: Zlaté Hory 707
  • basket Sport Hotel Bohema
    Sport Hotel Bohema. hotel
    Telephone: 603 802 695
    Address: Zlaté Hory 706
  • basket (Chata Moravice)
    (Chata Moravice). hotel
    Telephone: 554 721 170
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 251, Malá Morávka
  • basket Hotel Slatina
    Hotel Slatina. hotel
    Telephone: 739 365 491
    Address: Horní Lipová 7, Lipová-lázně
  • basket Wellness Hotel Peras
    Wellness Hotel Peras. hotel
    The hotel is located right in the nature protected area near by the Spa Karlova Studánka. Our guests can visit the highest Moravian mountain Praděd, which is only 9 km far from the hotel. There is a lot of ski lifts and traces for cross country skiing nearby the hotel. During the summer you can cycling or go for a walk. There is also a lot of possibilities...
    Telephone: 607 968 222
    Address: Ludvíkov 35, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Hotel Excelent
    Hotel Excelent. hotel ***
    Telephone: 721 007 623, 602 761 211
    Address: Pivovarská 10, Rýmařov
  • basket Hotel Karlov
    Hotel Karlov. hotel, lodging house / hostel
    Telephone: 724 827 222
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 67, Malá Morávka
  • basket Hotel Romantik
    Hotel Romantik. hotel
    Telephone: 606 661 410
    Address: Lipová-lázně 363
  • basket Hotel Slezan
    Hotel Slezan. hotel
    We provide an accommodation in 52 rooms that are equipped with en suite bathroom, toilet, telephone, fridge, television with satellite reception of several programmes and possibly with minibar. Our 7 luxurious suites will certainly meet our guests' high demands. We take pride in our first-class hotel restaurant and a lobby bar with its offer of Czech...
    Telephone: 554711907
    Address: Revoluční 20, Bruntál
  • basket (Ranč Zámeček)
    (Ranč Zámeček). hotel
    Telephone: 778 773 185
    Address: Andělská Hora 177
  • basket (Zámecký Hotel Klein)
    (Zámecký Hotel Klein). hotel
    Telephone: 777472401
    Address: Sobotín 3
  • basket (Horský hotel Neptun)
    (Horský hotel Neptun). hotel
    Location The mountain hotel is situated at the heart of the tourist resort Malá Morávka, forming a gateway to the most beautiful parts of the protected landscape area of Jeseníky. Only 8 km from here there is the highest mountain of Moravia – Praděd (1492 m) surrounded by a nature reservation. The area is easily accessible by train, bus or car. It has...
    Telephone: 554273071, 777 290 714
    Address: Malá Morávka 185
  • basket Hotel Anděl
    Hotel Anděl. hotel
    Telephone: 722141606
    Address: Andělská Hora 143, Andělská Hora
  • basket (Hotel Franz)
    (Hotel Franz). cottage settlement, hotel
    Telephone: 774 997 084
    Address: Rejvíz 1, Zlaté Hory
  • basket Hotel Singer
    Hotel Singer. hotel
    Telephone: 554211225, 734211222
    Address: Ludvíkov 65, Ludvíkov
  • basket (Hotel Slunný dvůr)
    (Hotel Slunný dvůr). hotel
    Telephone: 588 886 602, 777 453 791
    Address: Priessnitzova 458/8, Jeseník
  • basket (Hotel Stará Pošta)
    (Hotel Stará Pošta).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Location Hotel is located in the mountain skiing centre Cervenohorské sedlo, 3 km from the top of the Cervená hora mountain in the village Filipovice. It is situated near the main road. There is a ski slope 150 metres from the hotel and a ski lift 750 metres long. Amenities and Services The hotel’s capacity is ca. 90 persons, accommodated in two-bed...
    Telephone: 606150150
    Address: Filipovice 27 , Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket Mountain hotel Kopřivná
    Mountain hotel Kopřivná. hotel ***
    Horský Hotel Kopřivná is a great place for holiday during whole year. Hotel offers comfortable accomodation in double, triple and quadruple rooms with possibility of extra beds. Every room has its own unique design and offers everything for comfort of our guests. Hotel offers wide range of activities in its own fun park - for example cycling on different...
    Telephone: 554 273 152, 777 745 374
    Address: Malá Morávka 122
  • basket (Chata Paprsek)
    (Chata Paprsek).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 777 07 65 42
    Address: Staré Město ev.č. 27, Staré Město
  • basket Hotel Praděd
    hotel ***
    Telephone: 554779017, 776001492, 608863373
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Villa Theresa
    Villa Theresa. hotel
    Telephone: 777457111
    Address: Dolní Lipová 346, Lipová-lázně
  • basket Hotel Slunce
    Hotel Slunce.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    hotel ***
    Telephone: 777 273 776
    Address: Jesenická 107/4, Rýmařov
  • basket (Hotel Fojtů)
    (Hotel Fojtů). hotel
    Telephone: 737025921
    Address: náměstí 1. máje 1421/3, Bruntál
  • basket Hotel Koliba
    Hotel Koliba.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 777556940
    Address: Ludvíkov 12, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Hotel Paramon
    Hotel Paramon. cottage settlement, hotel
    Price is per person/ day/ half board incl.
    Telephone: 554737270, 602 707 503
    Address: Suchá Rudná 23, Světlá Hora
  • basket Hotel Reoneo
    Hotel Reoneo. cottage settlement, hotel
    Telephone: 774 963 113, 608 444 659
    Address: Vernířovice 7
  • basket Hotel Valdes
    Hotel Valdes. garni hotel
    Telephone: 725 962 554
    Address: Kociánov 31, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Sport & family hotel Josef
    Sport & family hotel Josef. hotel
    Telephone: 777 472 402, 587 071 002
    Address: Sobotín 12
  • basket Hotel Park
    Hotel Park. hotel
    Telephone: 777 870 857
    Address: Ostružná 133, Branná
  • basket (Chata Jiřího na Šeráku)
    (Chata Jiřího na Šeráku). hotel
    Telephone: 603 154 443
    Address: Ramzová
  • basket (Chata Ramzovské sedlo)
    (Chata Ramzovské sedlo). hotel
    Telephone: 777211299, 777 580 509
    Address: Ostružná-Ramzová 302 , Branná
  • basket (Horský hotel Figura)
    (Horský hotel Figura). hotel
    Telephone: 724 708 083
    Address: Malá Morávka 256, Malá Morávka
  • basket Bohemaland
    Bohemaland. cottage settlement, caravan lot, hotel
    Telephone: 603802695, 777004439
    Address: Zlaté Hory 710
  • basket (Chata Čertovy kameny)
    (Chata Čertovy kameny). hotel
    Telephone: 774 000 175, 774 000 177
    Address: Jesenická 288, Česká Ves
  • basket (Depandance Wellness Hotel Peras)
    Telephone: 607 968 222
    Address: Ludvíkov 35, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket EFI ApartHotel Horní Lipová
    EFI ApartHotel Horní Lipová. hotel
    Telephone: 515 555 577
    Address: Horní Lipová 295, Lipová-lázně
  • basket (Lázeňský dům U lesa)
    Telephone: 554 798 111
    Address: Karlova Studánka 6
  • basket Wellness & Spa Hotel Sidonie
    Wellness & Spa Hotel Sidonie. hotel
    Telephone: 587 071 002, 777 472 402
    Address: Sobotín 3
  • basket (Chata Miroslav)
    hotel ***
    Telephone: 608883000
    Address: Horní Lipová 26, Lipová-lázně
  • basket Hotel Zlatý Chlum
    Hotel Zlatý Chlum. hotel
    Telephone: 584492911, 602723626
    Address: Jánského 7 , Česká Ves
  • basket Autocamping Bobrovník
    Autocamping Bobrovník. cottage settlement, caravan lot, motel, camp site
    Telephone: 584411145
    Address: Bobrovník, Lipová Lázně
  • basket (Horská Chata Barborka)
    Telephone: 733 530 611, 739313239
    Address: Malá Morávka 269, Karlova Studánka
  • basket Hotel Hvězda
    Telephone: 554717249, 733 164 845
    Address: Zámecké náměstí 6, Bruntál
  • basket Hotel Royal
    Hotel Royal. hotel
    Telephone: 777 759 260
    Address: Bartultovice 103, Vysoká
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