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Jeseníky - Reservoirs


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Reservoirs Reservoirs.

  • basket Kružberk - water reservoir
    Kružberk - water reservoir. This solid dam reservoir built in 1948 - 1955 serves water management and hydroelectric purposes. The dam is 32.6 m high ad 280 m long in the crest.
    Address: Kružberk
  • basket Slezská harta - water reservoir
    Slezská harta - water reservoir. This embankment dam built in 1987 - 1997 on the Moravice river not only supplies its region with water but also serves as a protection against floods, for sport fishing, fish farming and recreation. The dam is 64.8 m high and 540 m long in the crest.
    Address: Leskovec nad Moravicí

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