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Military monuments


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Military monuments Military monuments.

  • basket The Hlučín-Darkovičky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex
    The Hlučín-Darkovičky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex. The complex includes four artillery cabins - Štípek (Skive), Alej (Alley), Orel (Eagle), Obora (Preserve) and one light fortification building, a so-called "Řopík". The Alej cabin is equipped with original armaments and its interior is also accessible. The Obora cabin was reconstructed into its form from 1938. The Orel cabin was left in its condition...
    Telephone: 595051110
    Address: Hlučín-Darkovičky
  • basket Křižovatka - wooden infantry blockhouse
    Křižovatka - wooden infantry blockhouse. Two-storey fortification built in 1937 as a part of the permanent Czechoslovak fortification along the northern border with Germany at the time. The left part was destroyed during battles in 1945, the right part has beenrenovated and includes a small exhibition inside.
    Telephone: 720515855
    Address: Velké Hoštice
  • basket Milostovice - wooden infantry blockhouse
    Milostovice - wooden infantry blockhouse. An interesting group of three forts and two smaller ones from the 1930s. They are exceptionally well preserved buildings and the entire grounds ranks among the best fort museums in the CR. The fortification reminds us of the excellent level of our technicians, designers and builders and even the courage of our soldiers to defend our nation against the...
    Telephone: 603733737
    Address: Milostovice
  • basket MO-S5 "Na trati" - wooden infantry blockhouse
    MO-S5 "Na trati" - wooden infantry blockhouse.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Unique two-storey fort comprised of two parts, connected by a tunnel under the mound of the former railway tracks, now a road. Its gear included two model 36 cannons, four heavy duty model 37 machine guns, one light and one heavy duty machine gun in bells and three light machine guns in auxillary gun ports.
    Telephone: 604148470, 732450251
    Address: Bohumín
  • basket Smolkov fortress
    Smolkov fortress. The first Czechosloval fort comprises of five buildings - an infantry cabin, an artillery cabin, an incompleted artillery rotating and sliding tower, an artillery look-out and the entry building. During World War II, the fort was severely damaged by the German army.
    Address: Háj ve Slezsku
  • basket Artillery stand
    Two-metre and one-metre tall reinforced concrete pedestal. Heavy howitzer, which was placed here, its fire of the entire valley was supposed to support the defence battles of the bunkers, which were equipped with light weapons.
    Address: Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket MO-S 21 Jaroš - wooden infantry blockhouse
    The isolated infantry double-sided cabin, class III resistance, belongs to the Hlučín II Engineer Group Command building sector. The cabin was reconostructed into its state of 1938.
    Telephone: 731267892
  • basket Museum of Czechoslovak Light Fortification in Chotěbuz

    Telephone: 734806935, 737567633
    Address: Chotěbuz
  • basket Memorial place of partisan rebellions and bunkers
    The bunker is not original, the original was destroyed by the Fascists. It was rebuilt in 1968. In 1944 the bunker was surrounded by the Nazis who attacked. 11 partisans fell in battle. In 1946, a memorial by an unknown author was erected at the site of the battle.
    Address: Morávka
  • basket Infantry blockhouse Lesík
    Arab type Double-sided infantry cabin STM-S 33 (small building in more difficult to access terrain). Gradually reconstructed.
    Telephone: 732530774
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket Infantry blockhouse STM-S 50
    Infantry cabin STM-S 50 guarding the road and railway above the village Branná. The front loopholes (for L1 weapon)were removed and walled-in.
    Telephone: 972745487, 607226490
    Address: Branná
  • basket MO-S 24 Signal Cabin
    MO-S 24 is a unique cabin of the former Czechslovak fortification, built to defend Czechoslovakia in 1935-1938. The building was built in class III resistance (the highest degree for independent structures of this type).
    Telephone: 731954708
  • basket StM-S 30 "Stream" - military fortification
    Isolated two-storey infantry cabin - single-sided, left-winged.
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket StM-S 31a "Wood" - military fortification
    One-sided, left-winged infantry cabin, with the purpose of defending the Valley of Krupe Stream with side shots.
    Telephone: 732530774, 732751409
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket StM-S 31b "Sanitarium" - military fortification
    One-sided, right-winged infantry cabin.
    Telephone: 732530774
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket StM-S 32 "Outer" - military fortification
    Isolated infantry cabin - double-sided, two-winged, which joined the neighbouring buildings StM-S 31b "Sanitorium" and StM-S 33 "Wood" with its shots fired.
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket StM-S 34 "Slope" - military fortification
    Isolated infantry cabin - double-sided, two-winged, situated on a slope. Due to its location, the building height is broken.
    Telephone: 732530774
    Address: Staré Město
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