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Ostrava region - Chateaux and castles


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Chateaux and castles Chateaux and castles.

  • basket Slezskoostravský castle
    Slezskoostravský castle. Revived memorial of the ancient history of the city of Ostrava. The founding of the castle by the Counts Piastovec has been dated to the second half of the 13th Century. In 1640, the castle was re-built into a Renaissance chateau. It was damaged during the Thirty Years War, during the fire in 1872, and in the 20th Century by undermining during the...
    Telephone: 596115967, 596111457
    Address: Hradní 1 , Slezská Ostrava
  • basket Vítkovice - chateau
    Vítkovice - chateau. The chateau was built as a representational building, it was the residence of the director of iron and steel works. The author of the project was the architect Antonin Krause. The two-storey Empire building with a roof balcony was surrounded by a garden in the style of a chateau park, refreshed with fountains, a gazebo, decorative garden beds and rare...
    Telephone: 725725144
    Address: Výstavní 80, Ostrava – Vítkovice
  • basket Zábřeh - chateau and mini brewery
    Zábřeh - chateau and mini brewery. The Zábřeh chateau microbrewery was revived in 2004–2007. The first written mention of brewing at the site dates from 1652, though the brewery later became a casualty of the chateau’s eventful history.
    Telephone: 777808299
    Address: U Zámku 42/1, Ostrava
  • basket Klimkovice - museum and chateau
    Klimkovice - museum and chateau. Four-winged Renaissance chateau built in the 2nd half of the 16th century. The stone staircase with Tuscan columns and the layout on the groundfloor have been preserved. The building underwent reconstruction in 1854. In 1945 it was set on fire and burned down, then reconstructed again.
    Telephone: 556701156, 737933758
    Address: Lidická 1, Klimkovice
  • basket Polanka nad Odrou - chateau
    Polanka nad Odrou - chateau. Originally a grand residence established by Sedlnicky of Choltice. In the 2nd half of the 20th century it was modernised and rebuilt for agricultural purposes. The chateau is formed by a four-winged, storeyed building with a small inner courtyard and one storeyed side wing on the west.
    Address: Ostrava, Polanka nad Odrou
  • basket Poruba - chateau
    Poruba - chateau. The chateau was built by Ondřej Bzenec of Markvartice on the foundation of a former fortress. Bombarding in 1945 severely damaged the chateau.
    Telephone: 596923094, 739572773, 739572774
    Address: Nábřeží Svazu protifašistických bojovníků 60, Ostrava
  • basket Hošťálkovice - former chateau
    Ostravan entrepreneur Antonin Josef Römisch had the Empire chateau built in the middle of a courtyard. He acquired Hošťálkovice in 1832. Today the chateau is completely engulfed by the new blocks of flats.
    Address: Ostrava, Hošťálkovice
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