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Ostrava region - Church monuments


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Church monuments Church monuments.

  • basket Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
    Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Single-nave Neo-Gothic church, which has two slender Gothic towers (67 m high), built according to the project by Camille Sitte. The layout of the church is formed by a cloister.
    Telephone: 555130507, 730184295
    Address: náměstí Svatopluka Čecha, Ostrava - Přívoz
  • basket Cathedral of the Divine Saviour
    Cathedral of the Divine Saviour. Triple-nave Neo-Renaissance basilica with two 67 m high towers, which is the second largest cathedral in Moravia and Silesia (Gustav Meretta is the author of the project).
    Telephone: 730588112
    Address: Náměstí Msgre Šrámka, Ostrava
  • basket Church of St. Catherine - wooden church
    Church of St. Catherine - wooden church. The original church dates back to 1564. In 2002 it was completely destroyed by fire. A copy was consecrated aready in the autumn of 2004. It is a type of Silesian wooden single-aisle church made from larch tree wood, surrounded by a small cemetery.
    Telephone: 608241005
    Address: Ostrava

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