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Ostrava region - Squash, ricochet


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Squash, ricochet Squash, ricochet.

  • basket (TJ Ostrava)
    (TJ Ostrava). Russian skittles, squash, outdoor chess, indoor ping-pong, sauna for the public, massage for the public, sports hall / gym, outdoor sports ground
    Telephone: 596611940, 596611985, 596621048
    Address: Varenská 40a, Moravská Ostrava
  • basket (CDU sport- veřejné sportovní centrum)
    squash, outdoor climbing wall, indoor trampoline, indoor ping-pong, solarium, massage for the public
    Telephone: 603 410 636
    Address: Charvátská 10, Ostrava - Výškovice
  • basket (Squash centrum Poruba)
    (Squash centrum Poruba). squash, ricochet, sporting goods and equipment rental
    Telephone: 722 076 313
    Address: Slavíkova 6142, Ostrava-Poruba
  • basket SC Ostrava
    infrasauna for the public, fitness centre for the public, sauna for the public, sporting goods and equipment rental, massage for the public, sports hall / gym, outdoor sports ground, bowling, squash, sports ground with air-inflated hall
    Telephone: 595131950, 724233626
    Address: Budečská 3214/4, Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava
  • basket BSO Squash club
    Telephone: 596263778, 774 557 455
    Address: Cihelní 95, Moravská Ostrava
  • basket SBA Squash centrum Havránek
    indoor cycling centre, squash, solarium, fitness centre for the public
    Telephone: 596720696, 721663883
    Address: Horymírova 5, Ostrava – Zábřeh
  • basket Sport park
    squash, sporting goods and equipment rental
    Telephone: 597325810, 736638071
    Address: Technologická 372/2, Ostrava - Poruba
  • basket (Squash centrum)
    squash, solarium, sporting goods and equipment rental
    Telephone: 597577777, 602 549 449, 724 072 000
    Address: ul. 28. října 2663/150, Moravská Ostrava
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