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Ostrava region - Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Michal Mine
    Michal Mine. The mine Michael is unique both for its preserved period equipment and machinery used for coal mining from 1913, and its impressive architecture. Mining was commenced here in 1850; in 1913-1915 the mine underwent a radical, progressive modernization and electrification.
    Telephone: 596231160, 596240621
    Address: Čs. armády 413/95, Ostrava-Michálkovice
  • basket (Důl Jan Maria)
    (Důl Jan Maria).
    Telephone: 595245111
    Address: Slívova 1946/7, Ostrava
  • basket Landek park - mining museum
    Landek park - mining museum. Museum belong to the bigest mining museums in Europe. It be found in the area of former Mine Anselm, which was closed in 1974. Modern museum was opened to public in 1993. The buildings belonging to mine are cultural monument, realize the term of the industrial secession.
    Telephone: 602532414
    Address: Pod Landekem č. 64, Ostrava
  • basket Lower region of Vítkovice
    Lower region of Vítkovice. Hlubina mine, coking and high ovens of the Vítkovice metalworks are significant technical building structures and facilities of the Vítkovice metalworks in the so-called mine region of Vítkovice. Considering its uniqueness, the entire premises were declared a National Heritage Site in 2002.
    Telephone: 702187688
    Address: Ruská 2993, Ostrava, Vítkovice
  • basket Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium
    Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium. The Johan Palisa Observatory and Planetarium comes under VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. It is open for public from 1980. The planetarium court is the third largest in the Czech Republic, with the capacity of 100 persons. It is used not only for lectures with astronomy-related topics, but also for various programs dealing with music, ecology...
    Telephone: 596994950
    Address: K planetáriu 502/76, Ostrava
  • basket Alexander's Mine
    Alexander's Mine. The depths of a black coal mine which terminated its operations in 1992. Monumental building structures above ground - 2 minig towers, an old octagonal chimney, a boiler house and a few other buildings.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket (Důl Petr Bezruč)
    (Důl Petr Bezruč). Address: Ostrava
  • basket Miloš Sýkora Bridge
    Miloš Sýkora Bridge. This bridge was named after a young worker, Miloš Sýkora, who in 1945 died in order to save this bridge. To commemorate this there is a small monument. The historical steel bridge is 92 m long and 16 m wide.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Mining tower of Jindřich mine
    Mining tower of Jindřich mine. The mining tower stands on the site of a former mine from 1846. The tower and mining building were built from facework in 1913.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Hladnov waterworks
    Hladnov waterworks. The water works were built according to Jaroslav Valenc's design. A tower with an octagon base and staircase is connected to the building.
    Address: Hladnovská, Ostrava, Slezská Ostrava
  • basket (Důl Heřmanice)
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket (Důl Oskar - Lidice)
  • basket Pioneer Bridge
    The bridge bears this name in consideration to the fact that pioneers contributed to the construction hereof with the proceeds from collecting old paper and iron.
    Address: Českobratrská, Ostrava, Moravská Ostrava
  • basket Ostrava-Lhotka Private Observatory
    The private observatory was founded probably in 1996; the cupola in the garden behind a self-contained house features a telescope with a 36 cm reflector.
    Address: Nová čtvrť 240, Ostrava-Lhotka
  • basket Bolt Tower - lookout

    Telephone: 724955121
    Address: Ruská 2993/20, Ostrava
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