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Ostrava region - Tourist attractions


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Tourist attractions Tourist attractions.

  • basket (Zábavní centrum Hornik)
    (Zábavní centrum Hornik).
    Telephone: 734876767
    Address: Zámecká 1936/18, Ostrava
  • basket Landek park - mining museum
    Landek park - mining museum. Museum belong to the bigest mining museums in Europe. It be found in the area of former Mine Anselm, which was closed in 1974. Modern museum was opened to public in 1993. The buildings belonging to mine are cultural monument, realize the term of the industrial secession.
    Telephone: 602532414
    Address: Pod Landekem č. 64, Ostrava
  • basket Stodolní Street
    Stodolní Street. The Stodolni zone has been a phenomenon in Ostrava and around the Republic over the past several years. Nobody now actually knows how and why it happened, how 80 entertainment businesses ended up in one unremarkable lane, of which each has its own specific focus and clientele, which comes here from the entire Republic.
    Address: Stodolní , Ostrava
  • basket Family park Skalka - entertainment park

    Telephone: 599520840, 776404666
    Address: Vřesinská, Ostrava
  • basket (Virtuální realita Ostrava)

    Telephone: 776637134
    Address: Francouzská 6021/55, Ostrava
  • basket FunPark Žirafa - entertainment park

    Telephone: 595046032
    Address: Rudná 114/3114, Ostrava
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