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Těšín Silesia - Memorials and monuments


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Memorials and monuments Memorials and monuments.

  • basket Tomb of Count Henckel of Donnersmarck
    Tomb of Count Henckel of Donnersmarck. Built in the second half of the 17th century. The two-storey building houses a tomb in the basement and a sacred room in the part above ground.
    Address: Bohumín
  • basket Coelest of Coelestyn and Skrbensky of Hříště family tomb
    The Classicist tomb with a square layout and pyramidal roof forms a part of the surrounding walls. The smooth facade of the frontispiece is divided up by the rectangular entrance with a broken profiled cornice. The stone alliance emblem of the Coelests of Coelestyn and Skrbenskys of Hříště with the date 1802 ornates the area above the door.
    Address: Ropice
  • basket Saint Genois family tomb
    The tomb is a Baroque structure with a square lazout and a pyrimidal roof. The smooth facade of the frontispiece is interrupted bz a rectangular entrance. Above it is the alliance coat-of-arms of the Lords of Saint Genois, with an oval medallion and the year 1742, decorated with elaborate ornamentation.
    Address: Ropice
  • basket memorial to Josef Šnejdárk
    Address: Bystřice
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