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Těšín Silesia - Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Karviná - water supply tower
    Karviná - water supply tower. Round tower with 6 storeys, 39.4 m tall and with a diameter of 11.4 m. A water gauge is placed on top of the last storey, which no longer serves its purpose. A part of the original technical equipment has remained preserved inside the tower.
    Address: Karviná
  • basket Tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova
    Tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova. It is known as one of the most important transport connection of the Czech Republic, which connects Czech Republic and Slovakia. Tunnel has its own history. It is more than 100 years since, It has been one of the main trail connection between Czech Republic and Slovakia. This tunnel also played a big role in industry. Through this tunnel was delivering...
    Address: Mosty u Jablunkova
  • basket Sokolov Heroes Bridge
    Sokolov Heroes Bridge. Unique technical monument, which forms the entrance to the spa grounds. The reinforced concrete bridge was built according to the plans of Mr. Rabe.
    Address: Karviná
  • basket Těrlicko - water reservoir
    Těrlicko - water reservoir. This earth-fill dam was built in 1955 - 1964 and besides serving as a water reservoir it is also used for water sports, including water skiing. The dam is 25 m high and 617 m long in the crest.
    Address: Těrlicko
  • basket Vendryně - lime kiln
    Vendryně - lime kiln. The kilns were established at the beginning of the 19th century, when iron ore was mined within the territory. The era also included the mining of limestone and its burning in so-called "Wopienkas", as the kilns were referred to in the local dialect. The kilns were made of two rings - shaft and were used until 1965.
    Address: Vendryně
  • basket Bohumín - steel foot bridge
    The technical monument is comprised of three parts, the overall length excluding stairs is 170 m. The oldest part dates back to 1870.
    Address: Bohumín
  • basket Český Těšín Planetarium

    Telephone: 737465719
    Address: Ostravská 1326/67, Český Těšín
  • basket Nicholas Copernicus Observatory, Třinec

    Telephone: 776182919
    Address: Náměstí svobody 526, Třinec
  • basket Návsí - observatory

    Telephone: 776182919
    Address: Návsí
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