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Ski Centre Lipno.

The Czech mountains mean fun and skiing for the whole family


The Czech mountains might not reach quite as high as the peaks of the Alps but they have plenty to offer to skiing enthusiasts. They also make an ideal destination for a family holiday. The mountains offer...  more »
Grandhotel Pupp.

Rejuvenate in the Czech spa towns


A long history of balneology, 37 spa towns, hundreds of healing springs and numerous locations rich in peloids (mud, clay, peat) – all of this places the Czech Republic among the world´s super powers in...  more »
Mariánské Lázně.

Enjoy the golf courses in the Czech Republic


Come and test your golfing skills in the Czech Republic. There are almost 100 golf courses in the country to suit all abilities from beginners to professionals. Please do not let your level of ability...  more »

Czech castles and chateaux come to life


The Czech Republic belongs to Europe´s super powers when it comes to its beautiful array of castles and chateaux. There are more than two hundred of these historic buildings spread all over its thirteen...  more »
Čenkovice - Buková Mt. Ski Centre.

Czech mountains have much to offer


Although the Czech Republic cannot boast of enormous mountains or ski runs tens of kilometres long, the Czech mountains nevertheless have much to offer in winter. Last year, the operators of mountain resorts...  more »
Dlask Homestead.

The Masopust carnival tradition has revived in recent years


To get one’s fill of eating and amusement ahead of the Lenten fast – those were the main aims of the Czech carnival tradition known as “Masopust”, extending from Epiphany till Ash Wednesday. This tradition...  more »
Krytý aquapark Olešná.

Fun and games in the water even out of season


The holidays and time for fooling around in the water have long passed. The countryside is gloomy and damp and it gets dark early. This sort of atmosphere doesn’t help anybody get into a good mood. But...  more »
Ostravar Brewery.

Breweries big and small


We have a few more tips here for you on where to set out for trips to learn something new. This time, our tips will above all be for lovers of beer. Of course this will be a great experience even for the...  more »
The artillery stronghold of Bouda.

Fortress Museums of the Czechoslovak Fortifications


The fortress museum industry did not experience a boom until the 1990s. After the events of November in 1989 and change in the political situation, there was nothing to prevent the creation of various...  more »
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Advent in an Open-air Museum


Advent should be a time of relaxation and contemplation. A time to step back from the everyday hustle and bustle and catch your breath. Adherence to the traditions of this pre-Christmas period dates right...  more »

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