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Bike repair


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Bike repair Bike repair.

  • basket Hotel Galik
    Hotel Galik. bicycle service, bowling, indoor ping-pong, billiards - carambol, sauna for the public, solarium
    Telephone: 571477390
    Address: Léskové 875, Velké Karlovice
  • basket Ostrý tourist cottage
    Ostrý tourist cottage.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Russian skittles, playground, bicycle service, ski service, outdoor sports ground, outdoor trampoline, sporting goods and equipment rental
    Telephone: 731039295
    Address: Košařiska 75
  • basket (Sportovní klub Slezské univerzity v Opavě)
    bicycle service, sporting goods and equipment rental, massage for the public, outdoor trampoline, indoor trampoline
    Telephone: 553684606
    Address: Na Rybníčku 1, Opava
  • basket (Chata Moravice)
    (Chata Moravice). Russian skittles, sports lessons and training, playground, ski service, indoor ping-pong, sporting goods and equipment rental, massages for hotel guests only, sports hall / gym, bicycle service, indoor swimming pool for accommodated guests only, cable park, billiards - carambol, outdoor swimming pool for hotel guests only, billiards - pool, outdoor sports ground, petanque / boccia sportground
    Telephone: 554 721 170
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 251, Malá Morávka
  • basket (Cyklotech-Pro a Mrnůštík - Servis a opravy kol)
    bicycle service
    Telephone: 605 758 063
    Address: Brodská 683, Nový Hrozenkov
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