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Child-friendly accommodation


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Child-friendly accommodation Child-friendly accommodation.

  • basket Sepetná Mountain Hotel
    Sepetná Mountain Hotel. hotel, bungalows *** superior Member of the Moravian-Silesian KLACR travel and tourism group
    Telephone: 603 852 111, 731 444 355
    Address: Ostravice 0956, Ostravice
  • basket (Pension Schaumannův Dvůr)
    (Pension Schaumannův Dvůr).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    guest-house Member of the Moravian-Silesian KLACR travel and tourism group
    Guest-house Schaumann's yard "Schaumannův Dvůr" is situated on the edge of protected landscape area of Hrubý Jeseník in the area of the cleanest air in the Czech Republic. The guest-house is located in quiet surrounding near the wood in the disrict Karlovice at the distance about 5 km from the foothill Vrbno pod Pradědem. This place is ideal for rest...
    Telephone: 603356242
    Address: Karlovice 231
  • basket (Apartmány Divoký Anděl)
    (Apartmány Divoký Anděl). garni hotel
    Telephone: 608827550
    Address: Dolní Moravice č. ev. 32
  • basket (Chata U velryby)
    (Chata U velryby). guest-house
    Telephone: 602724077
    Address: Ostružná č.e. 81, Ostružná
  • basket Sheep farm house
    Sheep farm house. apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 777007169
    Address: Z Kopce 69/7, Těrlicko
  • basket (Horská chata Jonáška)
    (Horská chata Jonáška).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 602724077, 602532737
    Address: Ostružná 82 E
  • basket (Penzion Jeřabina)
    (Penzion Jeřabina). guest-house
    Telephone: 602724077, 602532737
    Address: Ostružná 96, Ostružná
  • basket (Ubytování v soukromí Karin)
    (Ubytování v soukromí Karin). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 777908700
    Address: Ludvíkov 103, Ludvíkov
  • basket Hotel Duo
    Hotel Duo. hotel ***
    Telephone: 737211117, 571645115
    Address: Horní Bečva 216, Horní Bečva
  • basket (Apartmama Lipová)
    (Apartmama Lipová). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 603576844
    Address: Lipová - lázně 566
  • basket Skiland resort
    Skiland resort.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Hotel Skiland provides ideal surroundings for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling and tourism. It is and ideal starting point for hikes at the ridges of Hrubý Jeseník with Praděd on one side and Kralický Sněžník and Rychlebské Mountains on the other side. We offer catering and accommodation in double rooms, family rooms and apartments with...
    Telephone: 739407977
    Address: Ostružná 66 E, Ostružná
  • basket Sport Art Centrum
    Sport Art Centrum. hotel
    Telephone: 702059114
    Address: Prostřední Bečva 263
  • basket Hotel Dlouhé Stráně
    Hotel Dlouhé Stráně. hotel
    Telephone: 587570111
    Address: Rejhotice 72, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket (Hotel Rekovice)
    (Hotel Rekovice). hotel
    Rekovice - restaurant & forest hotel is part of a pleasant family center in the village Trojanovice near Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. Hotel Rekovice offers 5 comfortable rooms with a capacity of 21 persons. The rooms are dominated by natural material and light color as a sign of peace and purity. Rooms are equipped with high quality mattresses.
    Telephone: 552303956
    Address: Trojanovice 2, Trojanovice
  • basket (A&B Bungalovy)
    (A&B Bungalovy). bungalows, cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 728404295
    Address: Morávka 563, Morávka
  • basket (Apartmány Babyhouse)
    (Apartmány Babyhouse). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 702201060
    Address: Dolní Lomná 96
  • basket (Horský hotel Portáš)
    (Horský hotel Portáš). hotel
    Telephone: 603487856, 604767827
    Address: Nový Hrozenkov 244, Nový Hrozenkov
  • basket (Hospůdka Na Růžku - Ubytování v soukromí)
    (Hospůdka Na Růžku - Ubytování v soukromí). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 603282835, 739443473
    Address: Horní Lipová 37, Lipová - lázně
  • basket Hotel Helios
    Hotel Helios.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Hotel Helios se nachází v obci Lipová-lázně jen 5 km vzdálené od Lázeňského města Jeseník. Nabízí výberné podmínky pro skloubení sportovní a wellness rekreace. Hotel Helios: v budově hotelu naleznete většinu ubytovacích kapacit a restauračních zařízení. Pro relaxaci můžete využít suterénu budovy, kde jsou zařízené prostory fitness centra, masážního...
    Telephone: 775775942, 775 775 947
    Address: Lipová-lázně 25
  • basket Hotel Hukvaldy
    Hotel Hukvaldy. hotel
    Friendly atmosphere, comfortable rooms and spaces for different types of events, it is the Hotel Hukvaldy. In the hotel there is the indoor swimming pool, fitness center, massage parlor, restaurant, bar, tavern, ballroom.
    Telephone: 725 174 008
    Address: Hukvaldy 24, Hukvaldy
  • basket Hotel Ovčárna
    Hotel Ovčárna. hotel
    Military facility Ovčárna offers comfortable accommodation in a lovely atmosphere of Jeseníky. At the altitude of 1 300 metres, by the intersection of running and hiking trails, it is particularly suitable for enjoying winter sports and hiking. The hotel is ideal for spending family vacation but also for various rehabilitation trips, meetings and social...
    Telephone: 554779007, 973483402, 973483411
    Address: Malá Morávka 263
  • basket Běla Guesthouse
    Běla Guesthouse. guest-house
    Telephone: 584420000, 602771951
    Address: Domašov 66, Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket Sheep Guesthouse
    Sheep Guesthouse. guest-house
    Telephone: 734753840
    Address: 150, Nýdek
  • basket Comfort Guesthouse
    Comfort Guesthouse. apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 728369916
    Address: Tichá 24, Česká Ves
  • basket (Penzion Sluníčko)
    (Penzion Sluníčko). cottage settlement, guest-house *** superior
    Penzion Sluníčko*** is located to foot moutain Lysá in village Ostravice in valley of Sepetný stream a is part of the recreation center Sepetná. Pension has been completely reconstructed in the spring 2010. Recreation center and its surroundings offer enjoyment for summer and winter recreation, for corporate events and training, for active rest and...
    Telephone: 603852100
    Address: Ostravice 1279
  • basket Old Times Guesthouse
    Old Times Guesthouse. guest-house *** superior
    Telephone: 571610844, 724515654
    Address: Horní Bečva 367
  • basket (Penzion U Rybníčku)
    (Penzion U Rybníčku). guest-house
    Telephone: 584421009, 607055477, 606710033
    Address: Horní Lipová 133, Lipová - lázně
  • basket Brans Mountain Hotel
    Brans Mountain Hotel. hotel
    Telephone: 734697511
    Address: Malá Morávka 215
  • basket Hotel Andromeda
    Hotel Andromeda.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 728571971, 583 230 063
    Address: Ramzová 36, Ostružná
  • basket H-resort
    H-resort. cottage settlement, garni hotel, hotel, bungalows ***
    Telephone: 725252400
    Address: Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem 8, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
  • basket (Hotel Na Trojce)
    (Hotel Na Trojce).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Our Na Trojce Hotel is hidden from the bustle of civilization at the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains. This means that we get plenty of snow in winter, and clear sunshine in summer. Even in these parts, however, we offer excellent meals and comfortable accommodation for reasonable prices, and combined with the beautiful landscape, this is the...
    Telephone: 739370613
    Address: Pusté Žibřidovice 3, Jindřichov
  • basket (Hotel Ondrášův dvůr)
    (Hotel Ondrášův dvůr). cottage settlement, hotel, bungalows
    Telephone: 731682395
    Address: Bílá-Mezivodí 98, Staré Hamry
  • basket (Masarykova chata)
    (Masarykova chata). lodging house / hostel
    Telephone: 602203047
    Address: Bílá ev.č.39, Bílá-Bumbálka
  • basket (Penzion Na vršku)
    (Penzion Na vršku). guest-house
    Telephone: 720040140
    Address: Branná 203, Branná
  • basket Wellness Hotel Sauna
    Wellness Hotel Sauna. hotel
    Telephone: 720 100 328
    Address: Karlov pod Pradědem 24, Malá Morávka
  • basket Beltine forest hotel
    Beltine forest hotel. cottage settlement, hotel
    Telephone: 604211845
    Address: Ostravice 0386, Ostravice 0386
  • basket Wellness resort Energetic
    Wellness resort Energetic. hotel
    Surround yourself in an oasis of calm at the Energetic Wellness Resort in the clean countryside of Moravian Wallachia and fill your body with new energy. You’ll find true relaxation at the wellness centre, featuring a swimming pool, whirlpool and saunas. The centre’s exclusive massages will offer you a beauty and health boost. If you visit and sample...
    Telephone: 571667600, 725 931 594
    Address: Rekreační 1037, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket (Apartmány Plischke)
    (Apartmány Plischke). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 584421339, 604567299
    Address: Lipová-lázně 475, Lipová-lázně
  • basket (Hospoda Kyčerka)
    (Hospoda Kyčerka). apartment / private accommodation, cottage settlement
    Three brand new apartments in the building Kyčerka in which masterfully combines Wallachian romance with modern amenities. The accommodation capacity of 6 beds and 6 beds. Each apartment has its own bathroom, cable TV and wifi access. Possibility to store skies and bikes. Breakfast is served in a Kyčerka where it is also possible meals, lunches and...
    Telephone: 739604179
    Address: Velké Karlovice 774
  • basket (Kemp Mamutov)
    (Kemp Mamutov).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    caravan lot, camp site, cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 704701630
    Address: Chrastice 100, Staré Město
  • basket Nová Seninka
    Nová Seninka. hotel
    Telephone: 777 227435
    Address: Nová Seninka 105, Staré Město
  • basket (Chaloupka Rudná - Kopečková)
    (Chaloupka Rudná - Kopečková).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 603 550 873
    Address: Stará Rudná 32, Rudná pod Pradědem
  • basket (Horský apartmán Jeseníky)
    (Horský apartmán Jeseníky). apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 606657534
    Address: Horní Lipová 283, Lipová-lázně
  • basket Hotel Steiger
    Hotel Steiger. hotel
    Telephone: 603 272 505, 602 179 030
    Address: Svatého Ducha 68/5, Krnov
  • basket (Pension Školka)
    (Pension Školka). guest-house
    Telephone: 724022483
    Address: Léskové 548, Velké Karlovice
  • basket (Penzion U rybníka)
    (Penzion U rybníka).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 603868030
    Address: Nové Losiny 176
  • basket (Apartmány pod Zálesím)
    (Apartmány pod Zálesím).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 773160042
    Address: Rejhotice 162, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket (Farma Menšík)
    (Farma Menšík). apartment / private accommodation ***
    Telephone: 736180388, 731883463
    Address: Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem 10
  • basket Paradise Cabin Hotel
    Paradise Cabin Hotel. hotel
    Telephone: 604 456 146
    Address: Malenovice 206
  • basket Guesthouse U Blinků
    Guesthouse U Blinků. guest-house
    If you are looking for a quiet vacation, if you search for a place, where to celebrate your birthday or to organize a team-building, or if you rather fill your holidays with sport activities, you have just found a perfect accommodation! We are family guesthouse, located in beautiful nature of Wallachian mountains located near the city of Rožnov pod...
    Telephone: 720196955
    Address: Dolní Bečva 10
  • basket (Chata Hrádek Energetika Třinec)
    (Chata Hrádek Energetika Třinec).
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Telephone: 558321904, 777726526
    Address: Hrádek ve Slezsku 16
  • basket Hotel Mesit
    Hotel Mesit. hotel
    Hotel Mesit is a perennial hotel that is situated in a scenic environment of the Beskids on the Horní Bečva river near the local dam. The accommodation capacity of the Hotel Mesit is 40 rooms. Guests have at disposal double and triple rooms with option of extra beds, which makes 139 beds in total. The whole hotel is barrier-free with one room specially...
    Telephone: 571645106, 731414306
    Address: Horní Bečva 0316, Horní Bečva
  • basket Penzion Rzehaczek
    Penzion Rzehaczek.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Pension offers: - accommodation in apartments (bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom) - one apartment for physically handicapped people - barrier-free access to pension and restaurant - parking close to pension - neat restaurant with homely cooking - open-air restaurant - children’s corner - free internet access - wellness (sauna + Jacuzzi)...
    Telephone: 608814431
    Address: Pod sjezdovkou Armáda, Dolní Lomná
  • basket (Horský Hotel Charbulák)
    (Horský Hotel Charbulák). hotel
    Telephone: 732682041
    Address: Gruň 55, Staré Hamry
  • basket (Penzion Mlýnky)
    (Penzion Mlýnky). guest-house
    Telephone: 737241216
    Address: Adolfovice 215 , Jeseník
  • basket (Roubenka Oliver)
    (Roubenka Oliver). cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 605231091, 736610295
    Address: Rejhotice 84, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket (Horská chata Prašivá)
    (Horská chata Prašivá). guest-house
    Horská Chata na Prašivé se nachází na vrcholu stejnojmenné hory (706 m.n.m.), obklopená nádhernou přírodou cca 6 km od centra obce Vyšní Lhoty. Nabízíme celoroční provoz vhodný zejména pro rodinné rekreace, víkendové pobyty nebo společenské akce. Chata má kapacitu 25 lůžek s ubytováním v jednom dvoulůžkovém, jednom třílůžkovém, dvou šestilůžkových...
    Telephone: 604618400
    Address: Vyšní Lhoty 200
  • basket (Chata Klára)
    (Chata Klára). guest-house
    Telephone: 731138532
    Address: Malá Morávka 160, Malá Morávka
  • basket (Dorotíkova Chalupa)
    (Dorotíkova Chalupa). cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 775112288
    Address: Hutisko - Solanec 708
  • basket (Penzion U Hradilů)
    (Penzion U Hradilů). guest-house, encampment
    Telephone: 602560763, 777109510
    Address: Žižkova 168, Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket (Penzion U Marka)
    (Penzion U Marka). guest-house
    Telephone: 604156234
    Address: Leskovec nad Moravicí 329, Dvorce
  • basket (Chata U Kosů)
    (Chata U Kosů). cottage / chalet for rent
    Telephone: 731739751
    Address: Ludvíkov 89, Karlovice
  • basket (Penzion Trojkámen)
    (Penzion Trojkámen).
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Telephone: 605309997
    Address: Nové Losiny 111/22, Jindřichov
  • basket (Penzion Na Palubě)
    (Penzion Na Palubě). guest-house
    Telephone: 778 764 630
    Address: Nádražní 306, Mikulovice
  • basket (Rodinný dům Waldhof)
    apartment / private accommodation
    Telephone: 775938070
    Address: Úvalno 281
  • basket Juříková Jaroslava
    apartment / private accommodation, cottage settlement
    Telephone: 571643151, 606808448
    Address: Prostřední Bečva č.p. 406, Prostřední Bečva
  • basket (Ubytování F)
    (Ubytování F). guest-house
    Telephone: 554273573, 737542875
    Address: Malá Morávka 281, Malá Morávka
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