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Monument preserves


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Monument preserves Monument preserves.

  • basket Heřmanovice - village memorial conservation area
    Heřmanovice - village memorial conservation area. The village preserve of curbed cottages with panelled frontages lies along the river and the road.
    Address: Heřmanovice
  • basket Lipina - village memorial conservation area
    Lipina - village memorial conservation area. The preserve in Lipina is a unique example of eastern borderland rustic architecture. There is a row of brick and stone farmhouses.
    Address: Lipina
  • basket Nový Jičín - urban conservation area
    Nový Jičín - urban conservation area. The center of the town and focus of the attention of its visitors is the square-shaped town square lined with proud citizen's houses. The most remarkable of them is the Renaissance Old Post Office with its arcades and the White Angel House with rococo façade. There is the Plague Column and a fountain with dancers clothed in German folk costumes situated...
    Address: Nový Jičín
  • basket Příbor - urban conservation area
    Příbor - urban conservation area. The historic center of Příbor occupies only a small area surrounding the main square, named after a famous native of the town, Sigmund Freud. Citizen's houses in the center are mainly Renaissance buildings with Baroque adaptations. The Gothic Parish Church of the Virgin Mary Geniture dates back to the time of founding of the town - to the middle of...
    Address: Příbor
  • basket Štramberk - urban conservation area
    Štramberk - urban conservation area. A picturesque town, the houses (or maybe cottages) of which stick one to another on the slope below local landmark - the famous round tower Trúba. Trúba, along with town walls, is the last extant part of a former castle. The town square is lined with brick houses with late Baroque and Empire elements and there are the Churches of St. John of Nepomuk...
    Address: Štramberk
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