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PLA Beskydy

Illustrational photo - Beskydy.The Beskydy are the largest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic (1160 km2). It stretches over the rugged Western Carpathian Mountains, and covers almost the entire territory of the Moravian-Silesian Beskyds, a large part of the Vsetínský Hills and the Moravian part of the Javorník Mountains on the border with Slovakia. It offers something to everyone: primeval mountain forests, enchanting hillocks and diverse fields full of rare flora and fauna, unique surface and underground pseudo-karst phenomena (cliffs and caves), marshlands and ponds, and even romantic rivers. Statistics says that the PLA Beskyds comprises of 7 national nature reserves, 26 nature reserves and 24 natural monuments. It is an internationally significant bird territory and protected landscape for natural accumulation of water. And naturally, it is an exceptional recreational area for recreation.

PLA Jeseníky

Illustrational photo - Jeseníky.Another important protected landscape area in the Moravian-Silesian Region are the Jeseníky Mountains, the highest Moravian mountain range with typical deep valleys and drawn out, rounded ridges and an area of 740 km2. It is formed by 4 nature reserves (Praděd, Šerák – Keprník, Rejvíz, Skřítek peat bog), 18 nature reserves and 6 natural monuments. The Jeseníks are 80% covered by forest. The peat bogs and mountain leas with characteristic "alpine" flora belong among the botanically richest areas in the country (the Great Basin has more than 450 plant species). You will also find rock fields, moss lakes, clear torrents and thundering waterfalls here... The symbol of the Jeseníks is Praděd, the fifth highest mountain in the Czech Republic and a place with the roughest climate in the country, where the average annual temperature does not exceed 1 °C.

PLA Odra river (Poodří)

Illustrational photo - Poodří.The third PLA of the Moravia-Silesia Region is the Odra river (Poodří). The rather small territory (approximately 82 km2) along the Odra River at an altitude of only 214 to 293 metres, is a typical and unique preserved water system with annual flooding of an extensive part of the area. The greatest rarity of the floodplains are the meanders and blind shoulders, floodplain forests and pond systems with numerous water grass growth, which are a haven for endangered species of water and wetland flora and fauna. Dozens of rare species of amphibians nest here, the variety of the local bird population is given by being positioned on one of the main migrating paths of Central Europe. You will also encounter carnivorous plants in the mysterious shadows of hydrophilic vegetation.

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Jeseníky. Opavian Silesia. Odra river - Moravian Kravaře region. Ostrava region. Beskids - Moravian Wallachia. Těšín Silesia.
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