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Rejuvenate in the Czech spa towns


A long history of balneology, 37 spa towns, hundreds of healing springs and numerous locations rich in peloids (mud, clay, peat) – all of this places the Czech Republic among the world´s super powers in this field. It comes as no surprise that the numbers of visitors from abroad to the Czech spa towns is steadily increasing. This year, apart from the traditional healing and relaxation procedures, visitors to the spa towns can also join the celebration of numerous significant anniversaries.

Teplice is the oldest spa town in the Czech Republic

According to a legend the lion´s share of the discovery of the healing springs in Teplice is attributed to a piglet which strayed away from the herd and was later discovered by shepherds scalded in the hot stream. This event was supposed to have taken place at the beginning of the 8th century but according to the historians the healing springs of Teplice were known much earlier. It is most likely that the healing water was already used by the Stone Age people the remains of whose dwellings can be found in the area. It was not until the Middle Ages that the systematic balneology treatment was introduced. Today´s Teplice boasts ornate spa residences and stunning architecture. The spas specialise mostly in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, vascular diseases and nervous and mental disorders. The town of Teplice is located in a picturesque landscape on the foothills of the Krusne Hory Mountains.

Not just a spa town but also home to Becherovka liqueur and spa wafers

Karlovy Vary located in the west of the Czech Republic is known worldwide. The most famous of its incredible 79 springs is the Hot Spring (Vridlo) which rises from 2000 meters below the surface. None of the guests ever leave Karlovy Vary without tasting the famous herbal liqueur Becherovka or hot spa wafers with walnuts. There is a host of traditional medicinal healing stays as well as modern wellness and fitness programmes to choose from in Karlovy Vary. Spa visitors enjoy the ambiance of Hotel Thermal or Spa Hotel Olympia which has recently joined the prestigious Great Hotels of the World group. If you have time to spare, pop into the beautiful Grandhotel Pupp for a coffee as well.

A town in the park and a park in the town

The colonnades of Marianske Lazne have been trod on by many a famous personality of the past and present from all over the world. English King Edward VII, the most powerful ruler of the beginning of the 20th century, spent his summer holidays here on nine occasions. In 1904, the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I visited the king in Marianske Lazne. Among other personalities who stayed there were the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the composer Fryderyk Chopin, the inventor Thomas Alva Edison and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Today Marianske Lazne still ranges among the most sought-after spa towns in the Czech Republic. Hotel Centralni Lazne (Central Spa) which sits in the town centre near the colonnade was opened 120 years ago and still belongs among the most popular ones today. Spa Hotel Butterfly recently underwent major refurbishment at the end of last year and now offers its guests a wide range of healing procedures. The ancient tradition of sanctification of the springs is still kept very much alive in Marianske Lazne. It happens every spring and involves among other things cleansing of every spring, stream or fountain. The event falls on Saturday, May 12 this year. Marianske Lazne has so much to offer to the social visitor as well as sports enthusiasts. The nearby Kynzvart Castle and Tepla Monastery are also open to visitors.

The spa of Jachymov is unique

The Jachymov spa was opened precisely 100 years ago as the first radon spa in the world. The spa still has no competition to date. The beginnings of the healing treatment are connected with the famous discovery of the Nobel Prize holder Marie Curie-Sklodowska, who in 1898 spotted the traces of radium in the water of the Jachymov mines. Shortly afterwards the healing effect of this water was proved. Radon-infused baths reduce the pain of the musculoskeletal system, increase immunity and improve blood circulation. From its opening in 1912 the spa hotel Radium Palace was among the most modern spa hotels in Central Europe, a reputation which it still enjoys today after 100 years in existence. The town of Jachymov is also nicknamed the gateway to the Krusne Hory Mountains.

The spa towns in Moravia are equally popular

Luhacovice is the largest Moravian spa town specialising in the treatment of the respiratory tract, digestive organs, diabetes, and musculoskeletal system. Luhacovice is famous for its’ natural healing springs but also for its’ pleasant micro climate and the welcoming ambience. This year the town will celebrate the 600th anniversary of the first written mention of the town and the theme of the anniversary will be highlighted during a range of cultural events throughout the year. While in the area visitors should go to the nearby Bata´s Canal, Lesna Castle, the UNESCO listed town of Kromeriz and the open air museum in Roznov pod Radhostem.

145 years of spa town Darkov

The Darkov Spa in the northeast of the Czech Republic was founded in 1867. This year it has entered its’ 145th spa season. The top class care provided by doctors and physiotherapists combined with the healing effects of the local water brings incredible results in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Visitors who get tired of healing water can switch to the herbal liqueur Lysa Hora which has been produced there since 1856 and boasts two significant gastronomic titles.

source: CzechTourism - iNFO bulletin

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