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Odra river - Moravian Kravaře region - Tourist stamp


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Tourist stamp Tourist stamp.

  • basket Bílovec Chateau
    Bílovec Chateau. Three-winged, two-storey Renaissance chateau from the 16th century, which was reconstructed several times. In 1729, it suffered a fire and in 1736, the Sedlničtí of Choltic has it reconstructed in Baroque style. In 1945, it was destroyed again by fire during liberation, and it was gradually rebuilt until 1953.
    Telephone: 722132315
    Address: Zámecká 660, Bílovec
  • basket Kunín Chateau
    Kunín Chateau. Newly reconstructed Baroque chateau. Its history begins with the Harrach clan in 1726-1734. At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries Kunín became a modern education institution, attended by a famous native of nearby Hodslavice - František Palacký.
    Telephone: 556749420
    Address: č.p. 1, Kunín
  • basket J. G. Mendel Memorial
    J. G. Mendel Memorial. The native home of Johann Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics, where he spent 11 years of his childhood in the family of a local farmer. The farmhouse underwent extensive reconstruction in 2004-2007.
    Telephone: 556730105, 725141470
    Address: Hynčice č.p. 69, Vražné
  • basket Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill
    Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill. The wooden windmill is situated about 3 km west of the village, in Horní Nový Dvůr. It was built in 1878, and moved to its current location in 1910, from the 5 km distant Leskovec. The mill belongs to the town of Bílovec, which arranged its full restoration and chemical protection in 2000 and 2001 to make the building accessible for public. Its interior...
    Telephone: 556312101, 774064676
    Address: Bílovec
  • basket Wesselsky water mill
    Wesselsky water mill. The last functional mill in Moravia and Silesia with a preserved water wheel and grinding stones. The first written record of the mill dates back to 1571.
    Telephone: 602739508, 723588994
    Address: Odry - Loučky č.p. 152
  • basket Bartošovice Chateau
    Bartošovice Chateau. 15th century fortress, which was reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau by the Sedlničtí of Choltic in 1583. In 1616, another three-storey chateau was added in the near vicinity. Both building structures were interconnected by a joining wing.
    Telephone: 556720490
    Address: Bartošovice 1
  • basket Bílov - lookout tower
    Bílov - lookout tower. Originally a wooden observation tower in the village, which was torn down. After 50 years, a new one was built on the transmitter of the nearby village. The reinforced concrete tower is 62.5 metres high. At the height of 26.25 m is an observation platform, with a staircase of 137 steps leading to it.
    Telephone: 732452528, 774584874
    Address: Bílov
  • basket (Zámek Studénka - Vagonářské muzeum)
    (Zámek Studénka - Vagonářské muzeum). One-storey chateau building established by reconstructing an older chateau, mentioned in historical writings already in 1705. Around 1860, the tower was added with a turret and spiral staircase.
    Telephone: 731648545
    Address: Panská 229, Studénka
  • basket Nová Horka Chateau
    Nová Horka Chateau. Originally a fortress, first records date back to 1374. The German family Vetter von der Lilie owned it until the 17th century. It was reconstructed into a Baroque chateau in the 18th century.
    Telephone: 553034734
    Address: Nová Horka 22
  • basket Bílovec - town monument zone
    Bílovec - town monument zone. Address: Bílovec
  • basket Fulnek - town monument zone
    Fulnek - town monument zone. Address: Fulnek
  • basket Odry - town monument zone
    Odry - town monument zone. Address: Odry
  • basket Petřvald
    Petřvald. Address: Petřvald
  • basket Village museum
    The museum of the village of Alberchtičky is situated in a wooden building constructed in 1865; with the support of the region of Moravia-Silesia and the Rural Renewal Program it was reconstructed in 2001-2004.
    Telephone: 558272414
    Address: Albrechtičky 76, Albrechtičky
  • basket (Flascharův důl)

    Telephone: 778531438
    Address: Odry
  • basket Virgin Mary in the Rocks - pilgrimage site
    A legend about the Virgin Mary is connected with the source of water, which springs directly from the rocks. It is said that she saved a Swedish soldier from dying of thirst during the 30 Years War.
    Address: Spálov
  • basket Observation tower Pohoř - Olšová
    Address: Odry
  • basket (Rozhledna Slatina)
  • basket (Rozhledna Veselí)
    Address: Odry
  • basket Oder Region Museum

    Telephone: 556768161, 605727585
    Address: Kostelní 7, Odry
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