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Outdoor chess


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Outdoor chess Outdoor chess.

  • basket At Holub family Hotel & Garden
    At Holub family Hotel & Garden. bicycle storage, outdoor chess, indoor ping-pong, sauna for the public, sporting goods and equipment rental, swimming in river, massages for hotel guests only, outdoor sports ground, outdoor trampoline, indoor walking, infrasauna for hotel guests only, outdoor archery range, indoor whirlpool for hotel guests only
    Telephone: 558684060, 603421629
    Address: Čeladná 808, Čeladná
  • basket (TJ Ostrava)
    (TJ Ostrava). Russian skittles, squash, outdoor chess, indoor ping-pong, sauna for the public, massage for the public, sports hall / gym, outdoor sports ground
    Telephone: 596611940, 596611985, 596621048
    Address: Varenská 40a, Moravská Ostrava
  • basket Libuše
    Libuše. indoor ping-pong, outdoor climbing wall, outdoor chess, fitness centre for the public
    Telephone: 554 798 111
    Address: Karlova Studánka č.p.1, Karlova Studánka
  • basket Klimkovice Sanatoria - Spa House A
    Klimkovice Sanatoria - Spa House A. covered swimming pool for the public, Russian skittles, outdoor chess, infrasauna for the public, fitness centre for the public, indoor ping-pong, outdoor minigolf, solarium, massage for the public, indoor cycling centre
    Telephone: 556422111
    Address: Hýlov 24, Klimkovice
  • basket (Horský Hotel Ondráš)
    (Horský Hotel Ondráš). Russian skittles, outdoor chess, billiards - pool, outdoor swimming pool for the public, outdoor sports ground, indoor ping-pong
    Telephone: 558332990
    Address: Komorní Lhotka 350, Komorní Lhotka
  • basket (Valašská chalupa na Podťatém)
    (Valašská chalupa na Podťatém). Russian skittles, outdoor chess, outdoor swimming pool for the public, outdoor sports ground, outdoor minigolf, sauna for the public
    Telephone: 774 431 713
    Address: Velké Karlovice 1003, Velké Karlovice
  • basket (Kemp Kajlovec)
    Russian skittles, outdoor chess, playground, outdoor ping-pong
    Telephone: 605 310 616, 777 044 303
    Address: Kajlovec 54
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