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Opavian Silesia - Chateaux and castles


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Chateaux and castles Chateaux and castles.

  • basket Hlučínsko museum
    Hlučínsko museum. Originally a Late Gothic fortress with records dating back to 1439. In 1525 it was renovated by the Lords of Zvol. At the end of the 16th century, a central wing with courtyard arcades was built-in, which was the onset of the transformation into a chateau. In the 19th and 20th century, the chateau underwent significant reconstruction, which removed...
    Telephone: 595041337
    Address: Zámecká 4, Hlučín
  • basket Neplachovice Chateau
    Neplachovice Chateau. Chateau built in Late Empire style. It is a single storey rectangular building with a saddle roof. There is a balcony supported by four Tuscan columns on the frontispiece. On the other side, there is a terrace with a two shoulder staircase. Baroque statues adorn the park.
    Telephone: 553662221
    Address: Zámecká 81, Neplachovice
  • basket Velké Hoštice Chateau
    Velké Hoštice Chateau. Late Gothic chateau built in the 18th century in place of an old 16th century one. Built by the Lords of Kravař. In the 19th century, the west storeyed wing was added and the park was extended.
    Telephone: 553764062
    Address: Zámecká 197, Velké Hoštice
  • basket Raduň Chateau
    Raduň Chateau. Originally a Renaissance building rebuilt into an exquisitely furnished Classical residence. In the 2nd half of the 19th century, the exterior and interior underwent extensive reconstruction. The chateau is surrounded by a large park with numerous ponds. The park is enriched by small Empire style building structures.
    Telephone: 553796203, 724664015
    Address: Zámecká 67, Raduň
  • basket Šilheřovice Chateau
    Šilheřovice Chateau. The Classicist castle was built at the beginning of the 18th century and was later rebuilt in Neo-Renaissance style. It is surrounded by a large English park with small buildings and a new golf course.
    Telephone: 599500100
    Address: Zámecká 1, Šilheřovice
  • basket Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau
    Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau. Originally early medieval stronghold had been rebuilt several times and gained its today appearance at the end of 19th century, when it was reconstructed in romantic Tudor gothic style and completed with White tower, Red Castle and decorative castle walls. Inside the castle is located a sculpture gallery and also the Memorial of L. van Beethoven and...
    Telephone: 553783915
    Address: Městečko 1, Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Bolatice Chateau
    Bolatice Chateau. Chateau from the 1st half of the 18th century, single-storey, rectangular, with a mansard roof, in Baroque style, with a stone portal and the coat-of-arms of the Velehrad monastery. The chateau has undergone reconstruction and the municipal office is housed in it.
    Telephone: 553654999
    Address: Hlučínská 95, Bolatice
  • basket Dolní Životice Chateau
    Dolní Životice Chateau. The chateau is formed by a storeyed building in the shape of the letter L, with the end of the main wing expanded. It was built in Baroque style and later on renovated in Neo-Gothic style.
    Address: Zámecká 1, Dolní Životice
  • basket Hlavnice Chateau
    Hlavnice Chateau. The chateau was built by the owner of the main estate, Ondre Renard. It was built in Empire style, however fundamental building changes were made later on that basically removed the classical character.
    Address: č.p. 27, Hlavnice
  • basket Velké Heraltice Chateau
    Velké Heraltice Chateau. The Renaissance chateau was reconstructed from a former castle towards the end of the 16th century. The remains of the castle with a cylindrical tower form the core of the chateau.
    Address: Velké Heraltice
  • basket Jezdkovice Chateau
    The Renaissance chateau was built by the Mitrovští family of Nemyšle. In the 18th century it was rebuilt in Baroque style. A chateau park lies adjacent to the building.
    Address: č.p. 32 , Jezdkovice
  • basket Dolní Benešov Chateau
    Dolní Benešov Chateau. The chateau is proof of chateau architecture from several periods of styles. Only the portal with the coat-of-arms dated with 1498 remain from the original building. The chateau also includes an English park established at the turn of the 20th century, which surrounds the chateau building from all sides. The chateau houses the Municipal Office.
    Telephone: 553651285
    Address: Hájecká 65, Dolní Benešov
  • basket Former chateau Hrabyně
    Only three farm buildings, which surrounded the court, remain preserved from the extensive chateau complex. Also the noteworthy building, the so-called orangerie remains, which served as a silo in the past.
    Address: Hrabyně
  • basket Former chateau Štítina
    The medieval water fortress was first mentioned in 1337. It was expanded and renovated in Renaissance style into a four-winged Renaissance chateau, perhaps under the rule of Mikuláš Tvorkovsky of Kravař (1582 - 1599). In the 1980s it was torn down. Only a small part of the moat and pond remain preserved.
    Address: Štítina
  • basket Chuchelná Chateau
    Baroque chateau built in the 17th century by Jiří Lichnovský. It served as a hunting residence and as of 1952 a rehabilitation institute has been housed here.
    Address: Chuchelná
  • basket Kyjovice Chateau
    Late Baroque chateau built by Baron Quido Antonin of Kalkreut. In the 1st half of the 19th century, it was expanded and renovated in Empire style, as it looks today, by Count Arnošt August Falkenhain of Glošk.
    Address: č.p. 1, Kyjovice
  • basket Mladecko Chateau
    Empire style chateau built in Mladec at the beginning of the 19th century by Onre, Count Renard. Later on, an extensive landscaping park was established around the chateau. Today the chateau serves as a home to the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of the 3rd Order of St. Francis.
    Address: č.p. 53, Mladecko
  • basket Oldřišov Chateau
    In 1526, Oldřišov Kryštof Tvorkovský of Kravař purchased a built a fort here. During the course of the Thirty Years War it became very worn-down, which is why Jiří Štěpán, Count of Vrbna built a Baroque chateau here in the 2nd half of the 17th century. In 1958, the chateau was adapted to the needs of a state farmstead.
    Address: Zámecká 246, Oldřišov
  • basket Slavkov Chateau
    The oldest building in the municipality. It was created by reconstructing the original fortress. From the end of the 17th century, it was not used as a manor and gradually became run-down. The required repairs and renovations last conducted in the 20th century significantly damaged the character of the historical building. The only preserved and culturally...
    Address: Zámecká, Slavkov
  • basket Smolkov Chateau
    The fortress of Tvorkovský family of Kravař dating back to 1613. At the beginning of the 18th century the Lichnovští family of Voštice built a storeyed Baroque chateau on the site of the former fortress. At the beginning of the 19th century the Mitrovští family of Nemyšle acquired it and made some minor Classicist renovations, however, they did not...
    Address: Poddubí 6, Háj ve Slezsku, Smolkov
  • basket Sosnová Chateau
    The chateau was built in the 17th century by Kotulínský of Kotulín. In 1720 - 1727 it was expanded in High Baroque style by the Frobels. In the 19th century it was reconstructed in Late Classical style.
    Address: č.p. 28, Sosnová
  • basket Štáblovice Chateau
    The chateau was created with the reconstruction of a former fortress by Kašpare Rotmberk of Ketř. Later on Jan Lescourant had it rebuilt in Baroque style. During World War II it was serverely damaged and all subsequent restoration work only focused on purpose and cultural use.
    Address: č.p. 1, Štáblovice
  • basket Stěbořice Chateau
    The chateau was built in the 17th century by reconstructing a farmstead building, which was a part of the Cistercian Order's court. A rather small, originally Baroque chateau emerged, which later underwent extensive reconstruction.
    Address: č.p. 23, Stěbořice
  • basket Štemplovec Chateau
    The owner of the estate at the time, Karel Traugott Skrbensy of Hříště had the chateau built at the beginning of the 19th century on the site of a former Baroque chateau, which he had torn down. A park was founded around the new chateau. The chateau building is rectangular in shape, single-storeyed with a two-storey buttress.
    Address: č.p. 1, Holasovice, Štemplovec
  • basket Litultovice Chateau
    Jan Stoš of KOunic rebuilt the original fortress into a Renaissance chateau. The reconstruction work was apparently completed in 1579.
    Telephone: 555559541
    Address: č.p. 1, Litultovice
  • basket Kocharowsky Chateau
    It is a single storey Baroque building, rectangular in shape with a mansard roof. There is a buttress with a triangular gable on the frontispiece.
    Telephone: 777591960, 603739742
    Address: Loděnice 105, Holasovice
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