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Opavian Silesia - Observation towers and sight-seeing locations


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Observation towers and sight-seeing locations Observation towers and sight-seeing locations.

  • basket National World War II Memorial
    National World War II Memorial. The World War II monument in the village Hrabyně is one of the six exposition sites of the Silesian Museum. It is located in the near vicinity of places where one of the toughest battles was fought at the end of the war within the present day Czech Republic.
    Telephone: 553775091
    Address: č.p. 192, Hrabyně
  • basket Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower
    Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower. Wooden lookout tower standing on 4 stone pillars in the chateau park in Hradce na Moravicí. You can ascend the steps to the covered observation area (5 m above ground). The total height of the tower is 9 metres.
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Clock tower
    Clock tower. It never fulfilled the function of a medieval castle lookout. It was completed within the scope of the construction of the pseudo-Gothic premises of the Red Chateau. It is 35 m tall from the levl of the courtyard. A wind vane in the form of a rooster rotates on its conical tower. The outer diameter of the tower is 6 metres. 99 steps with two landings...
    Telephone: 595173043
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance
    Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance. This new lookout tower opened in spring 2005. The wooden construction, built on concrete columns, stands at a height of 16 metres. When the weather is good, the view of the surrounding area is quite extensive – not only can Opavsko be seen from here, but also the ridges of the Jeseníky and Beskydy Mountains.
    Telephone: 553783934
    Address: Jakubčovice
  • basket Guard tower
    Guard tower. Entry gate with a walkway and original historical winch on the 1st floor.
    Telephone: 778700071
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Tower Keep
    Tower Keep. Four-sided tower with a three-storey dome and a lantern opening with three bells. The keep was the former business centre of the city - there was a number of so-called business chambers below it, which served to store and sell goods.
    Telephone: 553756143
    Address: Horní náměstí 382/69, Opava
  • basket (Rozhledna Halaška)
  • basket (Rozhledna Šibenice)
    Address: Stěbořice
  • basket (Rozhledna Šibenice)

    Telephone: 553661017
  • basket (Rozhledna Sosnová)
    Address: Sosnová
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