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Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Gold bed mills
    Gold bed mills. Two log cabins rise on ground golden ore and with a gold ore mill. Both wooden machines are completed according to period drawings, the water wheels acquire energy from the original channel. The mountainous character of the valley and the placement of the water wheels in the cascade vertically to the slope create an enchanting corner.
    Telephone: 588884618
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Michal Mine
    Michal Mine. The mine Michael is unique both for its preserved period equipment and machinery used for coal mining from 1913, and its impressive architecture. Mining was commenced here in 1850; in 1913-1915 the mine underwent a radical, progressive modernization and electrification.
    Telephone: 596231160, 596240621
    Address: Čs. armády 413/95, Ostrava-Michálkovice
  • basket (Důl Jan Maria)
    (Důl Jan Maria).
    Telephone: 595245111
    Address: Slívova 1946/7, Ostrava
  • basket Valašské Meziříčí Observatory
    Valašské Meziříčí Observatory. Put into public service in 1955, the observatory pursuing extensive popularizing activities and observations of the Sun was designated "The Royal Observatory of The Walachian Kingdom" in 2002.
    Telephone: 571611928
    Address: Vsetínská 78, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill
    Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill. The wooden windmill is situated about 3 km west of the village, in Horní Nový Dvůr. It was built in 1878, and moved to its current location in 1910, from the 5 km distant Leskovec. The mill belongs to the town of Bílovec, which arranged its full restoration and chemical protection in 2000 and 2001 to make the building accessible for public. Its interior...
    Telephone: 556312101, 774064676
    Address: Bílovec
  • basket Wesselsky water mill
    Wesselsky water mill. The last functional mill in Moravia and Silesia with a preserved water wheel and grinding stones. The first written record of the mill dates back to 1571.
    Telephone: 602739508, 723588994
    Address: Odry - Loučky č.p. 152
  • basket Landek park - mining museum
    Landek park - mining museum. Museum belong to the bigest mining museums in Europe. It be found in the area of former Mine Anselm, which was closed in 1974. Modern museum was opened to public in 1993. The buildings belonging to mine are cultural monument, realize the term of the industrial secession.
    Telephone: 602532414
    Address: Pod Landekem č. 64, Ostrava
  • basket Staříč - training adit
    Staříč - training adit. Underground "artificial mine" - a demonstration of a gallery, where normal mining workplaces in technological relation just like in a real mine are found along a 150 m long mine corridor.
    Telephone: 558493381
    Address: Staříč
  • basket At the mill grounds
    At the mill grounds. The mill is well known to public, cyclists, tourists and local inhabitants as a centre of knowledge, excellent cuisine and entertainment. The main building has a ground plan in the shape of the letter “L”. Both parts of the building are storeyed. In the shorter, timbered one you can find a picturesque public house, a small museum of milling artifacts...
    Telephone: 558640789, 732825030
    Address: č.p.130, Kozlovice
  • basket Bartošovice - water mill
    Bartošovice - water mill. The grounds of the water mill were built from the end of the 15th century until the 20th century. The grinding plant including adjacent rooms for turbines and the aggregate remain conserved.
    Telephone: 737136309
    Address: Bartošovice
  • basket Lower region of Vítkovice
    Lower region of Vítkovice. Hlubina mine, coking and high ovens of the Vítkovice metalworks are significant technical building structures and facilities of the Vítkovice metalworks in the so-called mine region of Vítkovice. Considering its uniqueness, the entire premises were declared a National Heritage Site in 2002.
    Telephone: 702187688
    Address: Ruská 2993, Ostrava, Vítkovice
  • basket Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium
    Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium. The Johan Palisa Observatory and Planetarium comes under VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. It is open for public from 1980. The planetarium court is the third largest in the Czech Republic, with the capacity of 100 persons. It is used not only for lectures with astronomy-related topics, but also for various programs dealing with music, ecology...
    Telephone: 596994950
    Address: K planetáriu 502/76, Ostrava
  • basket Bernartice nad Odrou - forest mill
    Bernartice nad Odrou - forest mill. Water mill with preserved grinding equipment, including a water wheel. Apart from the equipment, the mill building has also been preserved in its original form.
    Telephone: 556708522
    Address: č.p. 200, Bernartice nad Odrou
  • basket Bruntál - historical water main
    Bruntál - historical water main. Approximately ten springs were built below Uhlířský Hill - four remain preserved to the present. The water was lead by a wooden aquaduct to a catchment adit, which was a part of the Bruntal city water supply system. Several rebision shafts and three wells are located nearby. The captured water was pumped into the water reservoir below Uhlířský Hill...
    Address: Bruntál
  • basket Budišov nad Budišovkou - stone bridge
    Budišov nad Budišovkou - stone bridge. Bridge with a Baroque statue of Jan Nepomucky, it has two arches with a full brick railing.
    Address: Budišov nad Budišovkou
  • basket Bystřička - reservoir dam
    Bystřička - reservoir dam. The reservoir solid dam is lined with stone blocks on both sides and is 190 m long in the crest, 2.9 m wide and 36.5 m high.
    Address: Bystřička
  • basket Dlouhé Stráně - compensating power station
    Dlouhé Stráně - compensating power station. The pumped-storage water plant was built in 1978. Most of the structure is hidden underground so it doesn't disturb the mountain landscape. The upper reservoir is at the attitude of 1350 m and its size is 700m x 300 m. The attitude difference between the upper and lower reservoirs and the aggregate output are amongst the largest in Central Europe.
    Telephone: 602322244, 583283282
    Address: Kouty nad Desnou, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Alexander's Mine
    Alexander's Mine. The depths of a black coal mine which terminated its operations in 1992. Monumental building structures above ground - 2 minig towers, an old octagonal chimney, a boiler house and a few other buildings.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket (Důl Petr Bezruč)
    (Důl Petr Bezruč). Address: Ostrava
  • basket Mill-race Exhibition
    Mill-race Exhibition. The only one (of the preserved part) on the water race from the 16th century.
    Telephone: 731461961
    Address: Bruntál
  • basket Fire brigade drying house
    Fire brigade drying house. Three-storey tower topped off with a saddle roof.
    Address: Hlučín
  • basket Hlavnice - windmill
    Hlavnice - windmill. The wooden windmill west of the village, near a crossroads was built probably in 1810, and last used to mill in 1952. In 1974 the almost fallen building was restored, using old parts, and supported by concrete abutments (preventing its rotation). Milling machinery was not renewed.
    Address: Hlavnice
  • basket Hrachovec - highway bridge
    Hrachovec - highway bridge. In place of the original wooden bridge there is a 40 m long suspension bridge held by 22 bridge cables on two 10 m high sloping pylons.
    Address: Valašské Meziříčí, Hrachovec
  • basket Vsetín Observatory
    Vsetín Observatory. Local observatory was put into service in 1950. It prepares regular public astronomical observations and scientific lectures.
    Telephone: 737211819
    Address: Jabloňová 231, Vsetín
  • basket Karlova Studánka - manmade waterfall
    Karlova Studánka - manmade waterfall. Manmade waterfall above the car park in Karlove Studánce, supplied by water from the dug out supply ditch from the Bíla Opava and collecting water from the slopes and minor streams. The red local educational trail leads around the supply ditch.
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Karviná - water supply tower
    Karviná - water supply tower. Round tower with 6 storeys, 39.4 m tall and with a diameter of 11.4 m. A water gauge is placed on top of the last storey, which no longer serves its purpose. A part of the original technical equipment has remained preserved inside the tower.
    Address: Karviná
  • basket Litultovice-Choltice - windmill
    Litultovice-Choltice - windmill. The wooden windmill north of the village, in Choltice, by green-marked tourist trail was built in 1833 in Sádek, and moved to its current location in 1878. It was used for milling for the last time during the World war Two, for rough-grinding until 1954. In 1969, it was fully restored and an exposition of hatchet and farm tools established. Following...
    Telephone: 728489860
    Address: Litultovice
  • basket Morávka - reservoir dam
    Morávka - reservoir dam. The purpose of the water work is to not only improve the flow below the dam, but to also decrease the flood water flow and consistent use of the energy created from the flow released below the dam, especially in drinking water supply.
    Telephone: 596657111
    Address: Morávka
  • basket Tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova
    Tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova. It is known as one of the most important transport connection of the Czech Republic, which connects Czech Republic and Slovakia. Tunnel has its own history. It is more than 100 years since, It has been one of the main trail connection between Czech Republic and Slovakia. This tunnel also played a big role in industry. Through this tunnel was delivering...
    Address: Mosty u Jablunkova
  • basket Miloš Sýkora Bridge
    Miloš Sýkora Bridge. This bridge was named after a young worker, Miloš Sýkora, who in 1945 died in order to save this bridge. To commemorate this there is a small monument. The historical steel bridge is 92 m long and 16 m wide.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Bridge over the Opava River
    Bridge over the Opava River. Iron bridge connecting the centre of Krnov with Opavska Street, declared a cultural heritage site in 2007. It was built in 1900. It is the only bridge, which survived the war rampage in 1945 without any damages.
    Address: Opavská, Krnov
  • basket Sokolov Heroes Bridge
    Sokolov Heroes Bridge. Unique technical monument, which forms the entrance to the spa grounds. The reinforced concrete bridge was built according to the plans of Mr. Rabe.
    Address: Karviná
  • basket Nový Jičín, Libhošť - windmill
    Nový Jičín, Libhošť - windmill. A Dutch type windmill. It was in operation until 1875, and in 1900 the owners reconstructed it for residential purposes. The cylindrical structure with a perimeter cornice has a smooth white facade, and there are rectangular windows on the ground floor.
    Address: Libhošť
  • basket Olbramice - former windmill
    Olbramice - former windmill. Ducth type windmill.
    Address: Olbramice
  • basket Šance - reservoir dam
    Šance - reservoir dam. The valley reservoir was later extended by the objective to supply the Ostravan industry and inhabitants with drinking water built in 1964 to 1964, based on original intentions to protect it from floods.
    Telephone: 596657111
    Address: Ostravice
  • basket Skotnice - water mill
    Skotnice - water mill. A water mill from the 2nd half of the 19th century. The mills facilities from the 1930s have remained preserved in operable condition.
    Telephone: 556725100
    Address: Skotnice
  • basket Slezská harta - water reservoir
    Slezská harta - water reservoir. This embankment dam built in 1987 - 1997 on the Moravice river not only supplies its region with water but also serves as a protection against floods, for sport fishing, fish farming and recreation. The dam is 64.8 m high and 540 m long in the crest.
    Address: Leskovec nad Moravicí
  • basket Těrlicko - water reservoir
    Těrlicko - water reservoir. This earth-fill dam was built in 1955 - 1964 and besides serving as a water reservoir it is also used for water sports, including water skiing. The dam is 25 m high and 617 m long in the crest.
    Address: Těrlicko
  • basket Mining tower of Jindřich mine
    Mining tower of Jindřich mine. The mining tower stands on the site of a former mine from 1846. The tower and mining building were built from facework in 1913.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Turbine from Muller's papermill
    Turbine from Muller's papermill. Turbines of Müller's papermill from the 1870s. The papermill no longer exists and the turbines were removed 60 years after it ceased to exist. The torso of the pillar grange of the flour mill serves as the exhibition space. The exhibited turbines are Haag and Jonval. The total output of both turbines is almost 6 kW.
    Address: Malá Morávka
  • basket Vendryně - lime kiln
    Vendryně - lime kiln. The kilns were established at the beginning of the 19th century, when iron ore was mined within the territory. The era also included the mining of limestone and its burning in so-called "Wopienkas", as the kilns were referred to in the local dialect. The kilns were made of two rings - shaft and were used until 1965.
    Address: Vendryně
  • basket Hladnov waterworks
    Hladnov waterworks. The water works were built according to Jaroslav Valenc's design. A tower with an octagon base and staircase is connected to the building.
    Address: Hladnovská, Ostrava, Slezská Ostrava
  • basket Weisshun Canal - canal
    Weisshun Canal - canal. A paper mill built over the years 1889 to 1891 as a water conduit from the Moravice River to the Žimrovice paper mill, the builder of which was renowned businessman Carl Weisshuhn. The canal is 3,6 km long and uses a gradient of 23 meters. It goes through a rocky hillside; therefore, tunnels had to be constructed in three places.
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí, Žimrovice
  • basket Žermanice - water reservoir
    Žermanice - water reservoir. Concrete 37.9 m high gravity dam was built in 1951 - 1957 on the river Lučina for water resources and recreational purposes.
    Address: Žermanice
  • basket Jeseník Observatory
    Jeseník Observatory. The observatory was built from the initiative of the local teacher Vladimír Petřkovsky and it is one of the components of the Duha Leisure Time Centre in Jeseník.
    Telephone: 739438211
    Address: Průchodní 154/5, Jeseník
  • basket (Balerův mlýn)

    Telephone: 702120206, 702120207
    Address: Spálov
  • basket Baroque bridge
    Double-arch 18th century road bridge with a statue of John of Nepomuk.
    Address: Dolní Moravice
  • basket Bohumín - steel foot bridge
    The technical monument is comprised of three parts, the overall length excluding stairs is 170 m. The oldest part dates back to 1870.
    Address: Bohumín
  • basket Brušperk - windmill
    Preserved body of a Dutch style windmill from the 19th century. Now it has no blades and wheel. The original stucco has been reconstructed.
    Address: Brušperk
  • basket Čujk's Mill
    A discreet building built from brick. Today the mill is no longer in use but remains almost unchanged. As a reminder of its glory days, an old mil wheel can be seen on the lawn in front of the mill. A water moat is visible behind the building, through which residual water drained away.
    Address: Kobeřice
  • basket Dolní Sklenov - windmill
    Originally a wooden Dutch style mill, later wall lined with brick and equipped with rails for rotating the wings. Around 1900, the blades were removed from the mill.
    Address: Hukvaldy, Dolní Sklenov
  • basket (Důl Heřmanice)
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket (Důl Oskar - Lidice)
  • basket (Flascharův důl)

    Telephone: 778531438
    Address: Odry
  • basket Hlučín - water works
    The water works is a unique building structure combining building design (reinforced concrete) with a traditional roof design (mansard).
    Address: Hlučín
  • basket Hodslavice - former windmill
    Dutch type windmill. The blades powering the grinding equipment have not been preserved.
    Address: Hodslavice
  • basket Hukvaldy - water mill
    The mill was reconstructed in 1936 by miller Josef Ondříček and has been preserved in good condition.
    Telephone: 732669433
    Address: č.p. 35, Hukvaldy, Dolní Sklenov
  • basket Josefský iron mill
    Built in the middle of the 17th century. Extracted iron was processed here in the ironmill in Železna u Vrbna below Praděd.
    Address: Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Koleček's Mill
    Originally a mill built in 1845 that belonged to the Koleček family. In 1928, descendants built a roller mill with a Francis turbine. In 1953, the mill was nationalised, In 1991, the mill was returned to the Koleček family. Since 1997, a small hydro power plant has been operating in the mill and the mil serves as a factory for compound feeding stuff...
    Address: Por. Hoši, Kozmice
  • basket Lorenzo's (Vavřinec's) mettalurgical works
    Charcoal blast furnace, which is evidently all that remains of the once famous Sudetan ironmill region.
    Address: Heřmanovice
  • basket Pioneer Bridge
    The bridge bears this name in consideration to the fact that pioneers contributed to the construction hereof with the proceeds from collecting old paper and iron.
    Address: Českobratrská, Ostrava, Moravská Ostrava
  • basket Mravenečník - wind power plant
    A farm comprising of three generators with an output of 220 kW, 315 kW and 630 kW. Its location ranked it among the highest placed wind generators in Europe.
    Address: Loučná nd Desnou
  • basket Šmajstrla buckwheat mill
    Buckwheat has been hulled in the mill since 1861 using a mechanical technique, whereby the vitamins are not destroyed.
    Telephone: 731822093, 605418575
    Address: Kopaná 806, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Postal gallery

    Telephone: 588884610
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket (Raabův mlýn)

    Telephone: 733125297
    Address: Hlavnice
  • basket Razová - lime kiln
    The furnace was used for burning limestone and was built of rough quarry stone.
    Address: Razová
  • basket Pittenwald rocks - old mine work
    Intensive mining of iron ore took place here until 1880.
    Address: Rýmařov
  • basket Case for a barometer
    The Art Nouveau case was returned to the Bedřich Smetana park on 14.9.2007. At the beginning of 2007, the case was declared a cultural heritage as a valuable example of small park architecture. It was reconstructed and is equipped with new devices - a hair hygrometer, thermometer, barometer and termohydrograph. The case apparently served for teaching...
    Address: Smetanův okruh, Krnov
  • basket Ostrava-Lhotka Private Observatory
    The private observatory was founded probably in 1996; the cupola in the garden behind a self-contained house features a telescope with a 36 cm reflector.
    Address: Nová čtvrť 240, Ostrava-Lhotka
  • basket Střelná - railway tunnel
    Railway tunnel which was a part of the construction of the Horní Lideč – Púchov railway track.
    Address: Střelná
  • basket Supíkovice - lime kiln
    shaft lime kiln in the middle of a former marble mine.
    Address: Supíkovice
  • basket Mysterios rock "Bunt Cake"
    Jiří Sonnek came with an idea as to what this stone was for. After assessing the stone in detail, he discovered that the stone served as a base for a revolving gate. He sketched a drawing and supported his claim with logical arguments. A model of the gate is available for testing in the Museum of the Hlučín Region.
    Address: Pode Zdí, Hlučín
  • basket (Továrna na lněné nitě Weiss a Rössler)
  • basket (Úzkorozchodná trať Třemešná-Osoblaha)
    Address: Osoblaha
  • basket Velké Kunětice - lime kiln
    Two shaft lime kilns from the 2nd half of the 19th century.
    Address: Velké Kunětice
  • basket Water mill
    Former water mill with timber.
    Telephone: 571621602
    Address: č.p. 194, Mikulůvka
  • basket Chateau brewery
    Address: Albrechtice
  • basket Bolt Tower - lookout

    Telephone: 724955121
    Address: Ruská 2993/20, Ostrava
  • basket (Bývalá Arcibiskupská pila)
    Address: Ostravice
  • basket Horní Benešov - former windmill
    Address: Horní Benešov
  • basket Český Těšín Planetarium

    Telephone: 737465719
    Address: Ostravská 1326/67, Český Těšín
  • basket Nicholas Copernicus Observatory, Třinec

    Telephone: 776182919
    Address: Náměstí svobody 526, Třinec
  • basket Návsí - observatory

    Telephone: 776182919
    Address: Návsí
  • basket Park sundial
    Address: Píšť
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