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  • basket Hukvaldy - castle ruins
    Hukvaldy - castle ruins. A large fortified castle from the half of the 13th century withstood many attacks and sieges. It was abandoned in the 18th century and afterwards it burned down. Today the romantic ruin attracts many cultural events. In the game park under the castle you can see fallow deer and moufflons. The composer Leoš Janáček was born here.
    Telephone: 558699323, 731660808
    Address: Hukvaldy 37, Hukvaldy
  • basket Na Špičáku Caves
    Na Špičáku Caves. Subterranean areas of the cave were modeled by a meltwater of a continental glacier. Flat ceilings and unique heart – shape profile of passages were created that way. The cave is one of the oldest known caves in the Central Europe – the first written record comes from the second third of the 15th century. A number of scriptures and drawings on its walls...
    Telephone: 584423129, 602295562
    Address: Supíkovice
  • basket Rabštejn - castle ruins
    Rabštejn - castle ruins. The ruins of a stronghold built around the turn of the 13th and 14th century on a jagged hilltop have probably the highest altitude of all Moravian castles (805 m). According to documents the last owners left the place at the end of the 17th century.
    Address: Oskava, Bedřichov
  • basket Gold bed mills
    Gold bed mills. Two log cabins rise on ground golden ore and with a gold ore mill. Both wooden machines are completed according to period drawings, the water wheels acquire energy from the original channel. The mountainous character of the valley and the placement of the water wheels in the cascade vertically to the slope create an enchanting corner.
    Telephone: 588884618
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Michal Mine
    Michal Mine. The mine Michael is unique both for its preserved period equipment and machinery used for coal mining from 1913, and its impressive architecture. Mining was commenced here in 1850; in 1913-1915 the mine underwent a radical, progressive modernization and electrification.
    Telephone: 596231160, 596240621
    Address: Čs. armády 413/95, Ostrava-Michálkovice
  • basket Exhibit of mucial instruments
    Exhibit of mucial instruments.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass

    Telephone: 777254542
    Address: Ostružná 66 E, Ostružná
  • basket Nýdek
    Telephone: 558555111
    Address: Nýdek
  • basket Slezskoostravský castle
    Slezskoostravský castle. Revived memorial of the ancient history of the city of Ostrava. The founding of the castle by the Counts Piastovec has been dated to the second half of the 13th Century. In 1640, the castle was re-built into a Renaissance chateau. It was damaged during the Thirty Years War, during the fire in 1872, and in the 20th Century by undermining during the...
    Telephone: 724166992, 596115967
    Address: Hradní 1 , Slezská Ostrava
  • basket Fryštát Chateau
    Fryštát Chateau.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Empire chateau dating back to the end of the 18th century. Its history reaches as far back as the 14th century and is connected with the dynasty of the Těšínské Piast. The most significant period arose after 1792, when the estate was purchased by the countship Larisch-Mönnich and it was reconstructed. The chateau is surrounded by an exquisite English...
    Telephone: 596387340
    Address: Masarykovo náměstí 1, Karviná-Fryštát
  • basket Railway Museum of Moravian Silesia
    Railway Museum of Moravian Silesia.
    Telephone: 972765600
    Address: Frýdlantská 499/5, Ostrava
  • basket Fish house - giant aquariums
    Fish house - giant aquariums.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card

    Telephone: 558712405, 774712413
    Address: Karvinská 381, Chotěbuz
  • basket New Court Arboretum
    New Court Arboretum. The establishment of the arboretum is closely associated with the owner of the Nové Dvůr estate Quido Riedl (1878-1946). During his times in Nové Dvúr (1906-1928) he created a refined landscape park on a moderately sized area of 1,8 hectares, where 500 species and varieties of domestic and exotic wood species were planted. This park became the foundation...
    Telephone: 733739173
    Address: Nový Dvůr - Stěbořice
  • basket The Hlučín-Darkovičky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex
    The Hlučín-Darkovičky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex. The complex includes four artillery cabins - Štípek (Skive), Alej (Alley), Orel (Eagle), Obora (Preserve) and one light fortification building, a so-called "Řopík". The Alej cabin is equipped with original armaments and its interior is also accessible. The Obora cabin was reconstructed into its form from 1938. The Orel cabin was left in its condition...
    Telephone: 595051110
    Address: Hlučín-Darkovičky
  • basket Fojtství Grounds and General School
    Fojtství Grounds and General School. Historical building where Wallachian leaders lived and ruled. In 1785, the first trivial school was established here, which was later relocated to newer premises. A brick reeve house was built in its place.
    Telephone: 602644259
    Address: č.p. 1, Kozlovice
  • basket Bílovec Chateau
    Bílovec Chateau. Three-winged, two-storey Renaissance chateau from the 16th century, which was reconstructed several times. In 1729, it suffered a fire and in 1736, the Sedlničtí of Choltic has it reconstructed in Baroque style. In 1945, it was destroyed again by fire during liberation, and it was gradually rebuilt until 1953.
    Telephone: 722132315
    Address: Zámecká 660, Bílovec
  • basket Historical Exhibition Building of Silesian Museum
    Historical Exhibition Building of Silesian Museum. The Silesian Museum is a gate to Silesia, with a scope extending from both animate and inanimate objects to prehistory, history and art history, primarily with regard to the history of Silesia, as well as north and northeast Moravia. The Silesian Museum is a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. It is the oldest...
    Telephone: 553714809
    Address: Komenského 10, Opava
  • basket Valašské Meziříčí Observatory
    Valašské Meziříčí Observatory. Put into public service in 1955, the observatory pursuing extensive popularizing activities and observations of the Sun was designated "The Royal Observatory of The Walachian Kingdom" in 2002.
    Telephone: 571611928
    Address: Vsetínská 78, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Kunín Chateau
    Kunín Chateau. Newly reconstructed Baroque chateau. Its history begins with the Harrach clan in 1726-1734. At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries Kunín became a modern education institution, attended by a famous native of nearby Hodslavice - František Palacký.
    Telephone: 556749420
    Address: č.p. 1, Kunín
  • basket National World War II Memorial
    National World War II Memorial. The World War II monument in the village Hrabyně is one of the six exposition sites of the Silesian Museum. It is located in the near vicinity of places where one of the toughest battles was fought at the end of the war within the present day Czech Republic.
    Telephone: 553775091
    Address: č.p. 192, Hrabyně
  • basket J. G. Mendel Memorial
    J. G. Mendel Memorial. The native home of Johann Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics, where he spent 11 years of his childhood in the family of a local farmer. The farmhouse underwent extensive reconstruction in 2004-2007.
    Telephone: 556730105, 725141470
    Address: Hynčice č.p. 69, Vražné
  • basket Regional museum in Kopřivnice - Museum of the Baliff's House
    Regional museum in Kopřivnice - Museum of the Baliff's House. The oldest preserved building in Kopřivnice. In 1789, the original wood structure was torn down and Jakub Šustala built a brick "fojtství". The greatest building modifications were conducted in 1985-90 by TATRA. Fojtství has belonged to Kopřivnice city since 2005.
    Telephone: 556808422
    Address: Záhumenní 1/25, Kopřivnice
  • basket Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill
    Stará Ves u Bílovce - windmill. The wooden windmill is situated about 3 km west of the village, in Horní Nový Dvůr. It was built in 1878, and moved to its current location in 1910, from the 5 km distant Leskovec. The mill belongs to the town of Bílovec, which arranged its full restoration and chemical protection in 2000 and 2001 to make the building accessible for public. Its interior...
    Telephone: 556312101, 774064676
    Address: Bílovec
  • basket Wallachian open-air museum - heritage village
    Wallachian open-air museum - heritage village. The large Walachian Museum in the Nature ranks among the best-known and most remarkable open-air museums in our county. Its large grounds present folk buildings, customs, and traditions of the Walachia region. A number of cultural events are held and many traditional fetes celebrated there.
    Telephone: 571757111
    Address: Palackého 147, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Wesselsky water mill
    Wesselsky water mill. The last functional mill in Moravia and Silesia with a preserved water wheel and grinding stones. The first written record of the mill dates back to 1571.
    Telephone: 602739508, 723588994
    Address: Odry - Loučky č.p. 152
  • basket Chateau Bruntál
    Chateau Bruntál.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    This castle was originally built over a Gothic stronghold in Renaissance style and later was adapted to Baroque style.. After 1620 the castle became the property of the order of German Knights. In the castle interior you will find many paintings by European masters from the 16th to 18th century.
    Telephone: 554717947
    Address: Zámecké nám. 7, Bruntál
  • basket Lešná Chateau
    Lešná Chateau. Fortress which was reconstructed into a late Renaissance chateau at the beginning of the 17th century. The last owner of the chateau in 1887-1945 was Kinšt.
    Telephone: 734420009
    Address: č.p. 1, Lešná
  • basket Slezské Rudoltice Chateau
    Slezské Rudoltice Chateau. The fortress was reconstructed at the beginning of teh 16th century into a one-storey Baroque chateau with an extensive park decorated with several buildings structures. At the time of the passing of the front in 1945, it was severely damaged. After the war, it was ransacked and served for the purposes of medical supply.
    Telephone: 554656105, 777201027
    Address: č.p. 1, Slezské Rudoltice
  • basket Castle and chateau Branná (Kolštejn)
    Castle and chateau Branná (Kolštejn). The large castle complex includes parts of a Gothic castle from the 13th century, and the middle and lower Renaissance style castles, which originate in the 16th and 17th centuries respectively. The castle had been left to decay since 1620 and was reconstructed only in 1998.
    Telephone: 732237296
    Address: č.p. 1, Branná
  • basket Radegast Brewery
    Radegast Brewery. Modern brewery with high capacity. The foundation stone was laid in 1966. The Moravian brewery received its name from the mythical God Radegast, who was worshipped by old Slavic pagan tribes as the God of fire, sun, harvest and feasting.
    Telephone: 558602566
    Address: Nošovice
  • basket Landek park - mining museum
    Landek park - mining museum. Museum belong to the bigest mining museums in Europe. It be found in the area of former Mine Anselm, which was closed in 1974. Modern museum was opened to public in 1993. The buildings belonging to mine are cultural monument, realize the term of the industrial secession.
    Telephone: 602532414
    Address: Pod Landekem č. 64, Ostrava
  • basket Na Trojáku Hotel
    The object participates in the discount system

    Telephone: 573391090
    Address: Hošťálková 217
  • basket Orel Ranch
    The ranch offers a riding hall year round, children's camps and weekend events with programmes are held here. Horse breeding and sale.
    Telephone: 774638897
    Address: Polská 9, Česká Ves
  • basket Biskupská kupa - stone lookout tower
    Biskupská kupa - stone lookout tower. The stone observation tower (890 m. above sea level) was first opened with great pomp in 1898. In the second half of the 20th century it was closed to common tourists, until 1996. The cylindrical tower is 18 m high and you can see the Zlaté Mountains, the Polish Lowlands, the horizon of the ridge Hrubé Jeseník and Rychlebský Mountains.
    Telephone: 588884606
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket DinoPark Ostrava
    DinoPark Ostrava.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Unique amusement park with a total area of 20 hectares and more than 70 models of prehistoric animals integrated into natural decoration, which reminds us of their real environment.
    Telephone: 378774636
    Address: U DinoParku 1, Doubrava
  • basket Sýpka Gallery
    Sýpka Gallery.
    Telephone: 774063305
    Address: Komenského 30, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Šance historical fortification - remains of a fortification
    Šance historical fortification - remains of a fortification.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card

    Telephone: 596412068
    Address: Mosty u Jablunkova
  • basket The Museum of Lašsko in Šustal Villa
    The Museum of Lašsko in Šustal Villa. Classical style building, the original inhabitant was the son of the founder of famous carriages Josef Šustala, who moved here with his family in 1890.
    Telephone: 556801138
    Address: Štefánikova 226, Kopřivnice
  • basket Pustevny - heritage village
    Pustevny - heritage village. Mountain residence named after hermits, who lived here and the last of whom passed away in 1874. Log cabin style buildings are found here in the Art Nouveau style, with lavishly stylised decor Maměnka and Libušín, built by Dušan Jurkovič.
    Telephone: 571757111
  • basket Velké Hoštice Chateau
    Velké Hoštice Chateau. Late Gothic chateau built in the 18th century in place of an old 16th century one. Built by the Lords of Kravař. In the 19th century, the west storeyed wing was added and the park was extended.
    Telephone: 553764062
    Address: Zámecká 197, Velké Hoštice
  • basket Castle ruins Starý Jičín
    Castle ruins Starý Jičín. The old castle from the beginning of the 13th century was later rebuilt into a Renaissance residence. When the owners built a new castle nearby the old place was abandoned and in the 19th century it became a ruin. The castle is currently being reconstructed.
    Telephone: 602320577
    Address: Starý Jičín
  • basket African museum and zoo

    Telephone: 739593944
    Address: Jelení 90, Holčovice
  • basket Bartošovice Chateau
    Bartošovice Chateau. 15th century fortress, which was reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau by the Sedlničtí of Choltic in 1583. In 1616, another three-storey chateau was added in the near vicinity. Both building structures were interconnected by a joining wing.
    Telephone: 556720490
    Address: Bartošovice 1
  • basket Štramberská Trúba Castle
    Štramberská Trúba Castle. In the 13th century, the castle was the property of the esoteric order of the Knights Templar. After the Order was terminated, the castle was held by Czech King Jan Lucembursky. Only parts of the walls and mainly the circular Trúba tower are all that have been preserved of the Gothic castle. The view from the tower is enhanced by the coloured glass...
    Telephone: 731134125
    Address: Kopec 77, Štramberk
  • basket Chotěbuz-Podobora Archaeo-park - historical village
    Chotěbuz-Podobora Archaeo-park - historical village.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    A replica of Slavic fortifications from the 8th to 11th Centuries. According to archaeological research, this place was already settled by the late bronze age and Haštal period. In the 5th century BC (BCE), the settlement was ransacked and destroyed. In approximately the middle of the 8th century, Slavs came to the settlement, and they stayed until...
    Telephone: 552309133
    Address: Chotěbuz
  • basket Bílov - lookout tower
    Bílov - lookout tower. Originally a wooden observation tower in the village, which was torn down. After 50 years, a new one was built on the transmitter of the nearby village. The reinforced concrete tower is 62.5 metres high. At the height of 26.25 m is an observation platform, with a staircase of 137 steps leading to it.
    Telephone: 732452528, 774584874
    Address: Bílov
  • basket Lower region of Vítkovice
    Lower region of Vítkovice. Hlubina mine, coking and high ovens of the Vítkovice metalworks are significant technical building structures and facilities of the Vítkovice metalworks in the so-called mine region of Vítkovice. Considering its uniqueness, the entire premises were declared a National Heritage Site in 2002.
    Telephone: 702187688
    Address: Ruská 2993, Ostrava, Vítkovice
  • basket Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium
    Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium. The Johan Palisa Observatory and Planetarium comes under VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. It is open for public from 1980. The planetarium court is the third largest in the Czech Republic, with the capacity of 100 persons. It is used not only for lectures with astronomy-related topics, but also for various programs dealing with music, ecology...
    Telephone: 596994950
    Address: K planetáriu 502/76, Ostrava
  • basket Church of St. John the Baptist
    Church of St. John the Baptist.
    Telephone: 605777107
    Address: Sudice
  • basket Church of St. Peter of Alcantara
    Church of St. Peter of Alcantara. Baroque church, which is known for its "leaning" caused by mining coal. The local nobleman František Wilhelm Larisch had it built on the site of a former wooden church. A 15th century stone font, which is still used today, is found inside the interior.
    Telephone: 596314455, 731625667
    Address: Karviná
  • basket Linhartovy Chateau
    Linhartovy Chateau. Built in the second half of the 16th century by reconstructing a fortress into a Renaissance residence, left to ruin several times, gradually being reconstructed at the present.
    Telephone: 728323270
    Address: Linhartovy 36
  • basket Sigmund Freud Museum and Memorial Hall in Příbor
    Sigmund Freud Museum and Memorial Hall in Příbor. Piarist college in Příbor established by Bishop Karel II of Liechtenstein.
    Telephone: 556725191
    Address: Lidická 50, Příbor
  • basket Leoš Janáček Memorial
    Leoš Janáček Memorial. Leoš Janáček purchased the "yeomanly estate", as he called it himself, in 1921. However, it was originally owned by Leoš' younger brother František, who bought it in 1905. In 1908 he passed away and in the end his widow Máša sold it to Leoš Janáček, who spent the last 7 years of his life here, mainly his free time, which he enjoyed spending in Hukvaldy...
    Telephone: 558699252
    Address: č.p. 79, Hukvaldy
  • basket Životice Tragedy Memorial
    Životice Tragedy Memorial.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Built to honour the victims of Naxi liquidation action (6.8.1944) in revenge of the partisan revolt and the murder of 3 Gestapo members. 36 men from Životic and surrounding villages were shot.
    Telephone: 596434138
    Address: Havířov-Životice, Padlých hrdinů 47a, Havířov
  • basket Sovinec Castle
    Sovinec Castle.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    The Gothic castle suffered several ordeals. Its taking by Danes in 1626 initiated construction of the largest fortification system in our lands. Despite all this the castle was taken again, this time by Swedes and dilapidated since. Its restoration started in 1945 and numerous historical events take place there at present.
    Telephone: 554295113, 554219863
    Address: Sovinec 58, Jiříkov
  • basket Technical museum Tatra
    Technical museum Tatra.
    Telephone: 556808421
    Address: Záhumenní 367/1, Kopřivnice
  • basket Jeseník Region Local History Museum - museum and water fort
    Jeseník Region Local History Museum - museum and water fort.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass

    Telephone: 725073539
    Address: Zámecké nám. 1, Jeseník
  • basket Janovice Chateau
    Janovice Chateau. The Žerotín chateau was built in the 1520’s, during the Renaissance period. It was given its current Baroque appearance in the mid-17th century. In the first half of the 18th century, the chateau came under the ownership of the Harrach family, who not only expanded it, but also had a chateau park called “The Northern Arboretum” made.
    Telephone: 777427002
    Address: Zámek 10/1, Rýmařov, Janovice
  • basket Raduň Chateau
    Raduň Chateau. Originally a Renaissance building rebuilt into an exquisitely furnished Classical residence. In the 2nd half of the 19th century, the exterior and interior underwent extensive reconstruction. The chateau is surrounded by a large park with numerous ponds. The park is enriched by small Empire style building structures.
    Telephone: 553796203, 724664015
    Address: Zámecká 67, Raduň
  • basket (Zámek Studénka - Vagonářské muzeum)
    (Zámek Studénka - Vagonářské muzeum). One-storey chateau building established by reconstructing an older chateau, mentioned in historical writings already in 1705. Around 1860, the tower was added with a turret and spiral staircase.
    Telephone: 731648545
    Address: Panská 229, Studénka
  • basket Prašivá - chalet and lookout tower
    Prašivá - chalet and lookout tower. The classic wooden tourist lodge, which roof is crowned with a tiny lookout tower with sheltered gallery is located on Malá Prašivá (706 m) from 1921, when it was finished by the organization Pobeskydská jednota slezská from Frýdek with assistance of local people. Prašivá is a mountain "in the first line" of Beskid massif, providing an excellent view...
    Telephone: 604618400
    Address: Vyšní Lhoty 200
  • basket Sobotín Chateau
    Sobotín Chateau. Ancestral seat of the entrepreneurial Klein-Wiesenberg clan. The chateau was built in the spirit of Romantic Historicism in the mid-19th century; its romantic park with rare woods is therefore one of its integral parts. Today the chateau functions as a hotel.
    Telephone: 777472401
    Address: Sobotín 3
  • basket Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau
    Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau. Originally early medieval stronghold had been rebuilt several times and gained its today appearance at the end of 19th century, when it was reconstructed in romantic Tudor gothic style and completed with White tower, Red Castle and decorative castle walls. Inside the castle is located a sculpture gallery and also the Memorial of L. van Beethoven and...
    Telephone: 553783915
    Address: Městečko 1, Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket (Anenský vrch s kostelem sv. Anny) - pilgrimage site
    (Anenský vrch s kostelem sv. Anny) - pilgrimage site. A popular place for a long time now for Sunday meetings, particularly the youth from the parish and its surroundings. Due to the increasing number of pilgrims, a large, honourable church from stone was built in 1770. In 1970, pilgrimages were forbidden and the place began to deteriorate. The pilgrimages have been renewed since 2002.
    Telephone: 554273110
    Address: Andělská Hora
  • basket (Bazilika Navštívení Panny Marie)
    (Bazilika Navštívení Panny Marie). Late Gothic, double tower, single-nave building. Later on a 60 m high tower was added. There are 6 chapels with altars on opposite sides of the nave.In the 1990s, it was completely reconstructed.
    Telephone: 731625682
    Address: Mariánské náměstí, Frýdek-Místek
  • basket Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower
    Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower. Wooden lookout tower standing on 4 stone pillars in the chateau park in Hradce na Moravicí. You can ascend the steps to the covered observation area (5 m above ground). The total height of the tower is 9 metres.
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Bílá hora - lookout tower
    Bílá hora - lookout tower. In 2001, an unusual telecommunication tower was built on Bílá hora (White Mountain) between Štramberk and Kopřivnice. Its designer let himself to be inspired by the structure of DNA - in a similar way the staircase spirals a concrete column up to the gallery in the height of 26 meters (the tower is 43 meters high), which provides a magnificent vista...
    Telephone: 595179111
    Address: Kopřivnice
  • basket Bílá Opava - educational trail with posted information
    Bílá Opava - educational trail with posted information. The demanding educational trail is a part of protected wilderness area Praděd. The trail goes down the stream, from the springs of White Opava to Charles Well. It crosses many footbridges and overcrossings down the stone banks of one of the most beautiful mountain streams of Jeseníky. Besides numerous waterfalls, cascades and rapids, rock formations...
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Bystřička - reservoir dam
    Bystřička - reservoir dam. The reservoir solid dam is lined with stone blocks on both sides and is 190 m long in the crest, 2.9 m wide and 36.5 m high.
    Address: Bystřička
  • basket Čarták (Súkenická) - iron lookout tower
    Čarták (Súkenická) - iron lookout tower. Despite the fact that the lookout tower on Čarták was built in 1998 as a simple telecommunication station, it is beyond common facilities of such kind. For its structure not to mar the woods of the Beskids, nearly the entire 30 meters high tower is paneled with wood and extends into a sheltered observation gallery. As it stands in the borderland of...
    Address: Horní Bečva
  • basket Čubův kopec - timber lookout tower
    Čubův kopec - timber lookout tower. A brand new wooden lookout tower, 16 m high, was built in the borderlands between Czech and Slovak countries over Francova Lhota in 1991, providing a view of ridges of Javorníky and White Carpathian Mountains, or nearby Vizovické vrchy, and in excellent weather even Súľovské skály and Malá Fatra.
    Telephone: 571458237
    Address: Francova Lhota
  • basket Cvilín - stone lookout tower
    Cvilín - stone lookout tower. Tourists of Moravian-Silesian Sudeten Mountains Society had the stone lookout tower built near the pilgrimage church on Cvilín in 1903 and named it after Count Liechtenstein, who financed the construction. The current twenty-five meters high tower is basically the same as in the time of its construction, but it lacks a bizarre five meters' side turret...
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Cvilín (Šelenburk, Lobenštejn) - castle ruins
    Cvilín (Šelenburk, Lobenštejn) - castle ruins. Ruins of a Gothic castle with a tall fragment of the tower and preserved fortification, cellars, and sections of the walls. The castle was founded by the Benešovic clan in the first half of the 13th century. In 1474 it was taken by Matyáš Korvín’s troops; however, it was later reconstructed. In the 16th century it became a hunter’s lodge, but by the...
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Dívčí Hrad Chateau
    Dívčí Hrad Chateau. Renaissance chateau from the 2nd half of the 16th century, which ranks among northern Italian castle types - it has a square layout and its corners are completed with cylindrical rowers with battlements. During World War II, it succumbed to bombarding and fire and it had to wait until 1962 for reconstruction. At present, the Order of the Knights of...
    Address: Dívčí Hrad
  • basket Dlouhé Stráně - compensating power station
    Dlouhé Stráně - compensating power station. The pumped-storage water plant was built in 1978. Most of the structure is hidden underground so it doesn't disturb the mountain landscape. The upper reservoir is at the attitude of 1350 m and its size is 700m x 300 m. The attitude difference between the upper and lower reservoirs and the aggregate output are amongst the largest in Central Europe.
    Telephone: 602322244, 583283282
    Address: Kouty nad Desnou, Loučná nad Desnou
  • basket Evangelical church
    Evangelical church. The building looks more like a farm building than a church. It was administrated by the Evangelical church. In 1875-1895, Jan Karafiát, author of the well-known book "Broučci" (Bugs) was the local rector.
    Telephone: 571638007, 737478624
    Address: Velká Lhota
  • basket Fulštejn - castle ruins
    Fulštejn - castle ruins. Ruins of a medieval castle with a tall fragment of a Gothic-Renaissance palace, with the remains of the ramparts, bastions, a cylindrical tower and foundation walls. Its history began when it was founded by Herbort of Fulme in the mid-13th century. Since the end of the Thirty Years’ War, after the attack of the Swedes, the Fulštejn name has not been...
    Address: Bohušov
  • basket Ema mound - peak
    Ema mound - peak. The conical pile was created by collecting debris from the Ostrava mine Trojice (The peak is at an altitude of 315 m above sea level). In the 1960s the inside ignited and still burns to the present.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket (Hraniční meandry Odry)
    (Hraniční meandry Odry). Address:
  • basket Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance
    Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance. This new lookout tower opened in spring 2005. The wooden construction, built on concrete columns, stands at a height of 16 metres. When the weather is good, the view of the surrounding area is quite extensive – not only can Opavsko be seen from here, but also the ridges of the Jeseníky and Beskydy Mountains.
    Telephone: 553783934
    Address: Jakubčovice
  • basket Na Pomezí Caves - national natural heritage area
    Na Pomezí Caves - national natural heritage area. Caves with rich and distinctive stalactite and stalagmite embellishment and large domes, parts of the small Jeseník Karst. Their development was a product of orogenetic processes, which broke solid limestone rock and caused water to get underground. The tunnels are about 630 meters long, with 410 meters accessible for public.
    Telephone: 584421284, 730574820
    Address: Lipová Lázně
  • basket Ježník - timber lookout tower
    Ježník - timber lookout tower. The contemporary timber (larch) lookout tower. Its platform in the height of 13 meters above ground provides a fine view of nearby Krnov and its surroundings on one side and the rising mountains of Hrubý Jeseník in the opposite direction. If the visibility conditions are good, the Beskids along with its highest peak se Lysá hora can be seen to the southeast...
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Jurkovič observation tower
    Jurkovič observation tower. The observation tower was built according to the original architectural designs of Dušan Jurkovič, who designed it in 1896. The observation tower is 32 m tall. The tallest viewing platform is located at a height of 19 m.
    Telephone: 571652444
    Address: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Kabátice - iron lookout tower
    Kabátice - iron lookout tower. The twenty-two metre high observation tower, steel structure completed by a wood roof and walkway, which provides a view of the village Chlebovice and the city Frýdek-Místek with the blue Olešna dam. You can see the city Havířov further on in the background. On the left, the less appealing side of the industrial zone Paskova and Ostrava open up. In...
    Address: Frýdek-Místek, Chlebovice
  • basket Ivan's stone mound
    Ivan's stone mound. The 30th batallion of Junák of Moravska Ostrava established it in memory to the scouts tortured during World Wasr II and it is a symbol of patriotism, bravery and friendship.
    Address: Malenovice
  • basket Cathedral of the Divine Saviour
    Cathedral of the Divine Saviour. Triple-nave Neo-Renaissance basilica with two 67 m high towers, which is the second largest cathedral in Moravia and Silesia (Gustav Meretta is the author of the project).
    Telephone: 730588112
    Address: Náměstí Msgre Šrámka, Ostrava
  • basket Kosárna Karlovice - museum
    Kosárna Karlovice - museum.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    Building of the former "kosárna" from the beginning of the 18th century.
    Telephone: 604388203
    Address: Karlovice ve Slezsku č. 146, Karlovice ve Slezsku
  • basket Church of the Ascension of the Holy Father
    Church of the Ascension of the Holy Father.
    Telephone: 731625819
    Address: Petrovice u Karviné, Dolní Marklovice
  • basket Church of Our Lady Auxiliary
    Church of Our Lady Auxiliary. The church replaced the original chapel. In 1955, it was forbidden by state administration to access the pilgrimage site due to mining. This decision launched the devastation of the entire pilgrimage complex. In 1968, repairs began on the church, but in November 1973 it was blasted. In 1990, an initiative was established to renew the pilgrimage site...
    Telephone: 584425916
    Address: č.p. 170, Zlaté Hory
  • basket (Kostel Panny Marie Sedmibolestné a Povýšení sv. Kříže na Cvilíně)
    (Kostel Panny Marie Sedmibolestné a Povýšení sv. Kříže na Cvilíně).
    Telephone: 554612672
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Church of Our Lady of the Snows
    Church of Our Lady of the Snows. Cross-shaped building with a tower topped with a two-level bulbous dome and cross. Very valuable interior. Crystal chandeliers, donated by the owner of the glassworks in Karolinka, Solomon Reich.
    Telephone: 736522834
    Address: Velké Karlovice
  • basket Church of the Exaltation of The Holy Cross - wooden church
    Church of the Exaltation of The Holy Cross - wooden church. It was built on the site of a run-down church. It belongs among the most picturesque churchs in North Moravia and in Silesia. Recently, the metal roof of the tower was replaced with wooden shingles.
    Telephone: 558350230
    Address: Bystřice
  • basket Church of St. Hedvika
    Church of St. Hedvika.
    Telephone: 733307117, 734793083
    Address: Opava
  • basket Church of St. Michael, archangel
    Church of St. Michael, archangel. Single-aisle grange church on a stone and brick retaining wall. The gable looks like a equilateral triangle and a four-sided tower emerges from it. The local cemetery is found around the church. The present look of the church was influenced by reconstruction work in the first half of the 20th century.
    Telephone: 604682517
    Address: Řepiště
  • basket Church of St. Nicholas
    Church of St. Nicholas.
    Telephone: 595052369, 604920028
    Address: Markvartovická, Ludgeřovice
  • basket Church of St. Prokop and St. Barbara - wooden church
    Church of St. Prokop and St. Barbara - wooden church. Building structure originally from Carpathian Russia, transferred here during the First Republic. Originally Orthodox, but re-consecrated and reconstructed into the present day form. In terms of architecture, at first sight, three terraced towers grab your attention.
    Telephone: 595171252, 731625791
    Address: Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
  • basket Kotulov log cabin Havířov-Bludovice
    Kotulov log cabin Havířov-Bludovice.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    The timbered Kotul's log-cabin is a classical example of folk architecture in the Těšín region. It stands where it stood in 1781, but its surroundings significantly changed from that time - in the 19th century it was surrounded by town buildings of hurryingly developing region of Havířov.
    Telephone: 602709731
    Address: Hálkova 4, Havířov-Bludovice
  • basket Stations of the Cross
    Stations of the Cross. The Way of the Cross from the Church of Our Lady of the Snows to the Cross hill, is lined with statues from the 18th century. It includes 14 stations.
    Address: Ruda u Rýmařova
  • basket Krnov - synagogue
    Krnov - synagogue. A synagogue built in 1871 in the city walls in Neo-Romanesque style, with two towers and a choir loft above the aron-ha-kodesh. During the Nazi occupation it was used as a market place and the interior was destroyed. From 1960 it is used as archives.
    Telephone: 608643487
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Kružberk - water reservoir
    Kružberk - water reservoir. This solid dam reservoir built in 1948 - 1955 serves water management and hydroelectric purposes. The dam is 32.6 m high ad 280 m long in the crest.
    Address: Kružberk
  • basket Landek - timber lookout tower
    Landek - timber lookout tower. The five meters high wooden lookout tower is an attraction of Landek grounds. Its gallery provides a view of a part of Ostrava and the nearest peaks of the Beskids in the distance.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Lysá Mountain - peak
    Lysá Mountain - peak. The highest peak of the Moravia-Silesia Beskydy Mountains (1323 m), it is separated by the valley of the Ostravice, Řečice and Mohelnice River. A weather station and telecommunication is located here. Under fair weather conditions, you can get a beautiful view of the Beskydy Mountains, the Mala Fatra and sometimes even as far as the Western Tatra Mountains...
  • basket Mionší - national nature conservation area
    Mionší - national nature conservation area. The fir-beech forest Mionší is the largest national nature preserve of the Beskids. A educational trail with a guide provides access to the location.
    Address: Horní Lomná
  • basket MO-S5 "Na trati" - wooden infantry blockhouse
    MO-S5 "Na trati" - wooden infantry blockhouse.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    Unique two-storey fort comprised of two parts, connected by a tunnel under the mound of the former railway tracks, now a road. Its gear included two model 36 cannons, four heavy duty model 37 machine guns, one light and one heavy duty machine gun in bells and three light machine guns in auxillary gun ports.
    Telephone: 604148470, 732450251
    Address: Bohumín
  • basket Museum Třinec Ironworks and the City of Třinec
    Museum Třinec Ironworks and the City of Třinec.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card

    Telephone: 558535882, 602499501
    Address: Frýdecká 387, Třinec
  • basket Nová Horka Chateau
    Nová Horka Chateau. Originally a fortress, first records date back to 1374. The German family Vetter von der Lilie owned it until the 17th century. It was reconstructed into a Baroque chateau in the 18th century.
    Telephone: 553034734
    Address: Nová Horka 22
  • basket Nový Jičín - urban conservation area
    Nový Jičín - urban conservation area. The center of the town and focus of the attention of its visitors is the square-shaped town square lined with proud citizen's houses. The most remarkable of them is the Renaissance Old Post Office with its arcades and the White Angel House with rococo façade. There is the Plague Column and a fountain with dancers clothed in German folk costumes situated...
    Address: Nový Jičín
  • basket Okrouhlá - iron lookout tower
    Okrouhlá - iron lookout tower. The observation platform for visitors is located at a height of 30 metres above the ground. You can see as close as Frýdek-Místek and the Olešná dam, to as far as the agglomeration Ostrava and even more distant Havířov, the industrial centres of the region such as the mining towers of the nearby Staříč and Chlebovice shafts or the Nova Hut complex...
    Telephone: 558660260, 605447149
    Address: Staříč
  • basket Memorial to František Palacký in Hodslavice
    Memorial to František Palacký in Hodslavice. The house was built at the end of the 18th century by Jiří Palacký, the father of František Palacky and he established an Evangelical school here, which was in use until 1829.
    Telephone: 556750555
    Address: čp. 108, Hodslavice
  • basket (Petrovy kameny) - site of special natural interest
    (Petrovy kameny) - site of special natural interest. Three massive eroded gneiss rocks, 7 meters high, dominate the ridge from Praděd to the saddleback Skřítek. They were named Peter's Stones as a remembrance of a stormy night, when the rocks provided shelter to blacksmith Peter and his love, pursued by guards of her mean father - the keeper of the land.
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Praděd - television transmission tower
    Praděd - television transmission tower. In 1980, a television transmitter (162 m high) was built on the peak, even a place for a glassed-in walkway was found at 70 meters, which offers an exquisite view. Praděd was already a challenge for observation tower builders earlier on - from 1912, the grandly conceived stone Habsburg tower stood on the peak, before it definitely collapsed in 1959...
    Telephone: 608863373
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Příbor - urban conservation area
    Příbor - urban conservation area. The historic center of Příbor occupies only a small area surrounding the main square, named after a famous native of the town, Sigmund Freud. Citizen's houses in the center are mainly Renaissance buildings with Baroque adaptations. The Gothic Parish Church of the Virgin Mary Geniture dates back to the time of founding of the town - to the middle of...
    Address: Příbor
  • basket Pulčín - Hradisko - national nature conservation area
    Pulčín - Hradisko - national nature conservation area. The main part of sandstone rocks Pulčínské skály consists of a steep rock cliff. There was a castle standing on its edge, abandoned already in 1517 and reminded only by a staircase cut in the rock called Ludmila's. Blocks of the nearby rock town Izba and Pět kostelů are also very impressive. Objects proving settlement by people of urn grounds (the 1st...
    Address: Francova Lhota, Pulčín
  • basket Radhošť - national nature conservation area
    Radhošť - national nature conservation area. The nature preserve protects deep mixed woods covering top sections of the Radhošť massif. The area includes pure spruce woods, as well as beech-fir forest with ash, rowan, sycamore and Norway maple.
    Address: Trojanovice
  • basket Skřítek peatbog - national nature conservation area
    Skřítek peatbog - national nature conservation area. The peat bog in the saddleback Skřítek is of transitional type between log bog and high bog. Its cover consists of communities of mountain waterlogged spruce woods.
    Address: Rudoltice
  • basket Rejvíz - national nature conservation area
    Rejvíz - national nature conservation area. The largest peat bog in Moravia and Silesia. Following a educational trail, you can use fascine pathway to get dry-shod to Great Moss Pool. Small Moss Pool is not accessible for public. Spine-chilling air of dangerous peat bog provides enough background for life of supernatural beings and mysterious events, described by many legends.
    Address: Zlaté Hory, Rejvíz
  • basket Rešov Waterfall - national natural heritage area
    Rešov Waterfall - national natural heritage area. Passing near Rešov, the Huntava river flows through a deep, narrow canyon and over several waterfalls and cascades. Surrounding slopes are covered by original fir-beech forest.
    Address: Rešov
  • basket Hans Kudlich lookout tower
    Hans Kudlich lookout tower. The lookout on the hill Strážiště nad Úvalnem is a memorial to local native Hans Kudlich (a member of imperial assembly). The square stone tower, 30 meters high, recently underwent a restoration, financed from substantial part by former inhabitants of the Krnov region, living in Germany from the end of the Second World War. Peaks and foothills of Jeseníky...
    Telephone: 595176278
    Address: Úvalno
  • basket Borderland Peak observation tower
    Borderland Peak observation tower. Originally two telecommunication towers, between which a bridge was built (18 m long). The observation tower is found at a position of 541 m a.s.l., it is 25 m tall. 149 stairs lead to the viewing platform, which offers a beautifl view of the Jesenik Mountains.
    Telephone: 554637360
    Address: Město Albrechtice
  • basket Velký Roudný lookout tower
    Velký Roudný lookout tower. Wood frame observation tower, 20 m high, covered observation platform on the top. VIew of the ridge of the Hrubé Jeseník, Nízký Jeseník, Opava region, Beskydy, and Krnov region.
    Address: Roudno
  • basket Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - ruins
    Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - ruins. It was established by the Olomouc Bishop Bruno of Šaumburk. At the beginning of the 16th century, the western palace was renovated in Renaissance style. In 1539, it was tonr down, however the fortification was still maintained. The castle was completely destroyed at the beginning of the 18th century under the rule of the Žerotíns.
    Address: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Slezská harta - water reservoir
    Slezská harta - water reservoir. This embankment dam built in 1987 - 1997 on the Moravice river not only supplies its region with water but also serves as a protection against floods, for sport fishing, fish farming and recreation. The dam is 64.8 m high and 540 m long in the crest.
    Address: Leskovec nad Moravicí
  • basket Smrk - peak
    Smrk - peak. Address:
  • basket Statute of the Pagan God Radegast
    Statute of the Pagan God Radegast. Created in the USA, in 1931 it was transferred from Frenštát pod Radhošt drawn by five horses during the Slavonic pilgrimage to Radhošť. It is the work of sculptor Albín Polášek.
    Address: Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Šostýn - ruins
    Šostýn - ruins. Preserved moat and rampart, remains of walls, the palace and castle towers from the 13th century, established by Count Jindřich of Schornstein. It was destroyed in the 15th century during the march of the Hussites.
    Address: Kopřivnice
  • basket Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí Chateau
    Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí Chateau. Three-storey Renaissance chateau with a sqaure-shaped layout. Jaroš Syrakovský reconstructed the former fortress in the 16th century. Around 1690 and 1704, it was hit by a fire. In 1953 it underwent reconstruction and primarily the graphite ornamentation was restored.
    Telephone: 558669201
    Address: Zámecká 1, Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí
  • basket Staré Město pod Sněžníkem - town hall
    Staré Město pod Sněžníkem - town hall.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass

    Telephone: 583239134
    Address: nám. Osvobození 166, Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
  • basket Tripoint Czech Republic - Poland - Slovakia
    Tripoint Czech Republic - Poland - Slovakia. The border of three countries, which is marked by three granite monoliths. The borderland between three countries lies in the eastermost part of the CR, where the sun rises first in the entire Republic.
    Address: Hrčava
  • basket Uhlířský vrch - natural heritage area
    Uhlířský vrch - natural heritage area. One of our youngest volcanoes. Profiles of a barely reinforced guttings are revealed on the walls of the southern slope of the abandoned quarry. It makes the area one of the most interesting of its kind in the Czech Republic. Volcanic puff-stone was mined here in the 19th century.
    Address: Bruntál
  • basket Vartovna - iron lookout tower
    Vartovna - iron lookout tower. The observation tower lies at a height of 651 m above sea level. The building structure is 37 m tall and offers sa beautiful view of Vsetínské, Vizovické, Hostýnské peaks and Beskydy. If the weather is favourable, you can see all the way to the Tatra Mountains.
    Telephone: 571446090
    Address: Seninka
  • basket Velká Čantoryje - lookout tower
    Velká Čantoryje - lookout tower.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    It is our easternmost observation tower. The structure has 5 floors reaching 29 m in height, the highest viewing platform is located at a height of 21.42 m. Ing. Vladimír Müller was the architect.
    Telephone: 558272015, 602713170
    Address: Nýdek
  • basket Venus' volcano - site of special natural interest
    Venus' volcano - site of special natural interest. Address: Mezina
  • basket Vikštejn - castle ruins
    Vikštejn - castle ruins. A large ruin of a stronghold from the first half of the 13th century built on the steep bank of the Moravice river. It was plundered in 1474 and blown up by the Emperor’s troops in 1648, but always reconstructed again. It was abandoned only at the end of the 18th century; it is documented as desolate in 1775.
    Address: Vítkov, Podhradí
  • basket (Vysoká hole) - peak
    (Vysoká hole) - peak. Address:
  • basket Vsetín Chateau
    Vsetín Chateau. Originally a Gothic stronghold was at the beginning of the 17th century rebuilt into a four-wing Renaissance castle with a 59 m tall tower. The castle was rebuilt in Classicist style in 1833 – 34. After a fire in 1915 it was adapted in pseudo-Renaissance style for the family Thonet.
    Telephone: 571411690
    Address: Horní nám. 2, Vsetín
  • basket Žerotín Chateau
    Žerotín Chateau. Chateau from the 16th century built by Jan of Pernštejn. Later on it was sold to the Žerotíns and it underwent Baroque reconstruction in the 18th century. In 1854, a female prison was established here, also the Catholic Society Home resided here. In 1995 - 1996, total reconstruction took place, and since 2002 the chateau courtyard has been accessible...
    Telephone: 571684558
    Address: Komenského 1/3, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Zlatý chlum - stone lookout tower
    Zlatý chlum - stone lookout tower. The stone tower with battlements (26 meters high) dates back to the late 19th century - it was built on Zlatý Chlum (875m) in 1899, through the effort of tourists from Moravian-Silesian Sudeten Mountains Society. Following the fire in 1955, it was left to decay and was saved only by the restoration in 1970s. Its gallery provides a beautiful vista of...
    Telephone: 603509943
    Address: Jeseník
  • basket Castle ruins Freudenštejn
    Castle ruins Freudenštejn. Ruins of what seemed to be a military outpost on the border of the Opava principality. It is likely that it was built in the mid-13th century and probably demolished following the construction of Fürstenwalde Castle (nad Vrbnem pod Pradědem) in the mid-14th century. Only the remains of the fortification between the ramparts and the moat have been preserved...
    Address: Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Ostrava Zoo
    Ostrava Zoo. The zoological garden in Ostrava was established in 1951 and extends over an area of almost 100 hectares of forest with ponds. Recently, the zoological part was expanded by three botanical trails, which offer visitors parts of the zoo grounds that has been inaccessible before and directly interconnects them with zoological expositions. Elephants, tigers...
    Telephone: 596241269
    Address: Michálkovická 197, Ostrava
  • basket Family park Skalka - entertainment park

    Telephone: 599520840, 776404666
    Address: Vřesinská, Ostrava
  • basket Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket Bílá
    Bílá. Address: Bílá
  • basket Bílovec - town monument zone
    Bílovec - town monument zone. Address: Bílovec
  • basket Bohumín
    Bohumín. Address: Bohumín
  • basket Branná - town monument zone
    Branná - town monument zone. Address: Branná
  • basket Bruntál - town monument zone
    Bruntál - town monument zone. Address: Bruntál
  • basket Brušperk - town monument zone
    Brušperk - town monument zone. Address: Brušperk
  • basket Budišov nad Budišovkou - town monument zone
  • basket Čeladná
    Čeladná. Address: Čeladná
  • basket Devil's Rocks - natural heritage area
    Devil's Rocks - natural heritage area. A massive wall of sandstone blocks - creation of which was ascribed to devil - rises from a slope over the road near the village Lidečko. It is 150 meters long and 20 meters high and is a favourite place of climbers.
    Address: Lidečko
  • basket Dolní Lomná
    Dolní Lomná. Address: Dolní Lomná
  • basket Lower Údolí, Upper Údolí - village monument zone
    Lower Údolí, Upper Údolí - village monument zone. Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - town monument zone
  • basket Frýdlant nad Ostravicí
  • basket Fulnek - town monument zone
    Fulnek - town monument zone. Address: Fulnek
  • basket Fire Brigade Museum of the city of Ostrava
    Fire Brigade Museum of the city of Ostrava.
    Telephone: 596136841
    Address: Zákrejsova 53/3, Ostrava
  • basket Havířov
    Havířov. Address: Havířov
  • basket Hlučín - town monument zone
    Hlučín - town monument zone. Address: Hlučín
  • basket Horní Bečva
    Horní Bečva. Address: Horní Bečva
  • basket Hrčava
    Telephone: 724055077
    Address: Hrčava
  • basket Jablunkov
    Jablunkov. Address: Jablunkov
  • basket Charles' spring - village monument zone
  • basket Karolinka
    Karolinka. Address: Karolinka
  • basket Karviná - town monument zone
    Karviná - town monument zone. Address: Karviná
  • basket Kelč - town monument zone
    Kelč - town monument zone. Address: Kelč
  • basket Klepáčov
    Klepáčov. Address: Klepáčov
  • basket Klimkovice
    Klimkovice. Address: Klimkovice
  • basket Krnov
    Krnov. Address: Krnov
  • basket Darkov Spa
    Darkov Spa. Address: Lázně Darkov
  • basket Jeseník Spa
    Jeseník Spa. Address: Jeseník
  • basket Lipová-spa
    Lipová-spa. Address: Lipová-lázně
  • basket Malá Morávka - village monument zone
    Malá Morávka - village monument zone. Address: Malá Morávka
  • basket Místek - town monument zone
    Místek - town monument zone. Address: Místek
  • basket Moravian tapestry manufactury - museum
    Moravian tapestry manufactury - museum.
    Telephone: 571612641
    Address: Husova 364/4, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Moravský Beroun
    Moravský Beroun. Address: Moravský Beroun
  • basket Mosty u Jablunkova
  • basket Museum of Těšín Silesia
    Museum of Těšín Silesia.
    Telephone: 558711866
    Address: Hlavní třída 15, Český Těšín
  • basket Zdeněk Burian Museum
    Zdeněk Burian Museum.
    Telephone: 558840619
    Address: Náměstí 31, Štramberk
  • basket The easternmost point of the Czech Republic
    The easternmost point of the Czech Republic. Address: Bukovec
  • basket Odry - town monument zone
    Odry - town monument zone. Address: Odry
  • basket Opava - town monument zone
    Opava - town monument zone. Address: Opava
  • basket Orlová
    Orlová. Address: Orlová
  • basket Osoblaha
    Osoblaha. Address: Osoblaha
  • basket Ostrava
    Ostrava. Address: Ostrava
  • basket Ostravice
    Ostravice. Address: Ostravice
  • basket Petřvald
    Petřvald. Address: Petřvald
  • basket Great-grandfather's Gallery u Halouzků
    Great-grandfather's Gallery u Halouzků.
    Telephone: 731491633
    Address: Jiříkov 39
  • basket Ramzová
    Ramzová. Address: Ramzová
  • basket (Razovské tufity) - natural monument
    (Razovské tufity) - natural monument. Address: Razová
  • basket Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Rýmařov - town monument zone
    Rýmařov - town monument zone. Address: Rýmařov
  • basket Staré Hamry
    Staré Hamry. Address: Staré Hamry
  • basket Třinec
    Třinec. Address: Třinec
  • basket Trojanovice
    Trojanovice. Address: Trojanovice
  • basket Tourist Information Centre and Museum of Tourist Stamps
    Tourist Information Centre and Museum of Tourist Stamps.
    Telephone: 775701966, 554793049
    Address: Opavská 169/12, Rýmařov, Janovice
  • basket Vidly
  • basket Vítkov
    Vítkov. Address: Vítkov
  • basket Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket Golden Mountains - town monument zone
    Golden Mountains - town monument zone. Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Torture room
    Torture room. Single storey residential house with an almost square layout, built from mixed masonry with a distinct and considerably elelvated hipped roof.
    Telephone: 584453693
    Address: Palackého 176, Jeseník
  • basket Village museum
    The museum of the village of Alberchtičky is situated in a wooden building constructed in 1865; with the support of the region of Moravia-Silesia and the Rural Renewal Program it was reconstructed in 2001-2004.
    Telephone: 558272414
    Address: Albrechtičky 76, Albrechtičky
  • basket (Rozhledna Stříbrná Twiggy)
    (Rozhledna Stříbrná Twiggy). Address: Staré Město
  • basket Alfrédka - former mountain chalet
    Originally a mountain chalet, which burnt down and only remnants of the foundation can be found. Alfredka belonged among the oldest well-known hunting chalets in the Jesenik Mountains.
  • basket (Bílý kříž)
    Tall cross painted white, the origin of which is still not entirely clear. Perhaps a borderland guard (guard against smugglers) fell and froze here, or several gendarme passed away here due to the plague. The local tourist centre is named after it.
    Address: Staré Hamry
  • basket (Dalimilova rozhledna)
  • basket (Flascharův důl)

    Telephone: 778531438
    Address: Odry
  • basket (Fojtský grúň)
  • basket Chapel of the Holy Trinity
    Wooden chapel from 1796, originally built in neighbouring Charles' Spring. It was taken apart in the 19th century and rebuilt in Suché Rudné.
    Address: Suchá Rudná
  • basket (Kaple Povýšení sv. Kříže v Hájku)
    It was expanded into its present form in 1834. It is built entirely from wide boards. At the entrance you will find a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Saviour, placed along the sides of the stone staircase, which descends to a water well.
    Address: Frýdek - Místek, Lískovec
  • basket St. Anne's Chapel
    Kaple na Křížovém vrchu nad Jeseníkem z r. 1847 nahradila původní skromnou dřevěnou stavbou ze 17. stol.
    Address: Jeseník
  • basket Holy Trinity Church - church and lapidarium

    Telephone: 734236279
    Address: Sokolská, Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket (Muzeum ošetřovatelství a patologie)

    Telephone: 553766111
    Address: Olomoucká 86, Opava
  • basket Myslíkovské Lurdy
    The secret chapel of Lourdes character, built on the incentive of rector Stanislav Dubiny. In 1947, statues of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes and St. Bernadette were added and people began calling the place "Lourdes". Divine services were held here each year, which were forbidden by the totalitarian regime, but were renewed after 1989.
    Address: Palkovice, Myslík
  • basket Beskydy Sky Educational Trail
  • basket Morávka River source educational trail
    The educational trail is 14 m long and includes 9 educational boards informing visitors of the history of the river, building the dam and the history of the region.
    Address: Morávka
  • basket Antonín Strnadel Memorial
    A historically valuable chalet in which A. Strnadel has his studio. Timber framed Wallachian folk architecture, tri-form chambered. The interior was rebuilt, the shields and lime decorations around the windows were designed by Prof. Karel Langer.
    Telephone: 571451806, 606783442
    Address: č. 451, Nový Hrozenkov
  • basket Virgin Mary in the Rocks - pilgrimage site
    A legend about the Virgin Mary is connected with the source of water, which springs directly from the rocks. It is said that she saved a Swedish soldier from dying of thirst during the 30 Years War.
    Address: Spálov
  • basket Paskov Chateau
    Four-winged, storeyed chateau built by Václav of Vrbna, evidently on the site of a former fortress. It is seperated from the village by a castle front area with a high entrance tower in the middle with a clock. It is surrounded by a park with valuable statues.
    Address: Paskov
  • basket Postal gallery

    Telephone: 588884610
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket (Rozhledna Halaška)
  • basket Maruška Observation Tower
  • basket Miloň's Observation Tower
    The wooden tower on a stone plinth is 24 m tall. The viewing platform is found at 20 m. The observation tower offers a beautiful view of the ridge of the Vsacký Beskydy, Javorníky Mountains.
    Address: Velké Karlovice
  • basket (Rozhledna Na Skalce)

    Telephone: 554644189
    Address: Holčovice
  • basket Observation tower Pohoř - Olšová
    Address: Odry
  • basket (Rozhledna Šibenice)
    Address: Stěbořice
  • basket (Rozhledna Slatina)
  • basket (Rozhledna Veselí)
    Address: Odry
  • basket (Satinské vodopády)
    Address: Malenovice
  • basket Slezské Pavlovice
    Slezské Pavlovice.
    Telephone: 554625670
    Address: Slezské Pavlovice
  • basket (Stezka Valaška)

    Telephone: 605960891
    Address: Trojanovice
  • basket (Trojmezí Morava - Kladsko - Slezsko)
  • basket U Holáň Observation Tower

    Telephone: 792220022
    Address: č.p. 190, Pržno
  • basket (Auto Moto Muzeum Oldtimer Kopřivnice)

    Telephone: 733373797
    Address: Štefánikova 220, Kopřivnice
  • basket Nativity scene - museum

    Telephone: 737701047
    Address: Horní Lideč
  • basket Great Javorník chalet

    Telephone: 556831423
    Address: č.p. 415, Trojanovice
  • basket (Hrobka rodiny Kleinů)
    Address: Sobotín
  • basket Kouty nad Desnou
  • basket Oder Region Museum

    Telephone: 556768161, 605727585
    Address: Kostelní 7, Odry
  • basket (Muzeum Šipka)

    Telephone: 553034519
    Address: Zauličí 456, Štramberk
  • basket Prostřední Bečva
  • basket Trout farm

    Telephone: 724923414
    Address: Bělá
  • basket (Trojmezí Čechy - Kladsko - Morava)
  • basket (Trojmezí Slezsko – Morava – Uhry)
  • basket Velké Karlovice - Podťaté - village monument zone
  • basket Vsetín
    Address: Vsetín
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